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EVIMalaR projects & students First Call

After the interviews 10 students were offered a position as PhDs with the EVIMalaR PhD Programme and were appointed as follows:

  • Mr. Sujaan Das (India) appointed to: Functional characterization of an essential merozoite surface protein. (Dr. Mike Blackman; Prof. Dominique Soldati)
  • Mr. Parkash Rawat (India) appointed to: Traffic of parasite proteins to the Maurer's cleft and red cell membrane: identification of the molecular actor. (Prof. dr. Michael lanzer; Prof. Dr. Catherine Braun-Breton)
  • Ms. Ana Rita Gomes (Portugal) appointed to: Regulation of  Plasmodium gene expression by phosphorylation-dependent signalling pathways. (Prof. Christian Doerig; Dr. Oliver Billker)
  • Ms. Liz Stevenson (United Kingdom) appointed to: Molecular dissection of endothelial cytoadherence and its role in pathooysiology. (Prof. Lars Hviid; Prof. Alister Craig)
  • Ms. Wiebke Nahrendorf (Germany) appointed to: Does Malaria infection induce long-lived humoral memory? (Prof. Jean Langhorne; Prof. Robert Sauerwein)
  • Ms. Thuvaraka Thavayogarajah (Germany) appointed to: Proteins of the pasitophorus vacuole: at the interface between parasite and host cell. (Prof. Dr. Klaus Lingelbach; Dr. Anthony A. Holder)
  • Ms. Nicole Andenmatten (Switzerland) appointed to: Identification and characterisation of host cell factors required by apicomplex parasites to invade host cell. (Dr. Markus Meissner; Prof. Maria M. Mota)
  • Mr. Alasdair Hill (United Kingdom) appointed to: Molecular processes in severe malaria anaemia. (Dr. David Roberts; Dr. Olukemi Amodu)
  • Ms. Sanketha Kenthirapalan (Germany) appointed to: Systematic functional analysis of orphan Plasmodium membrane proteins. (Dr. Taco W.A. Kooij; Dr. Kai Matuschewski; Prof. Dr. Andrew P. Waters)
  • Ms. Alexandra Marie (France) appointed to: Identification and validation of new immuno-epidemiological biomarkers for evaluating the human exposure to Anopheles malaria vectors. (Dr. Didier Fontenille; Dr. Franck Remoue; Dr. Mario Coluzzi; Dr. Bruno Arca)