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EVIMalaR projects & students Second Call

After the interviews 12 students were offered a position with the EVIMalaR PhD Programme and were appointed as follows:

  • Mr. Ahmed Salman (Egypt) appointed to: Assessment of Novel Liver-Stage Vaccines using Transgenic Rodent Malaria Parasites (Dr. Adrian Hill; Dr. Chris Janse).
  • Ms. Gabriella Sferra (Italy) appointed to: Dynamics of Plasmodium protein interaction networks (Dr. Elisabetta Pizzi / Prof. Marta Ponzi; Prof. Robert Sinden).
  • Mr. George Rugarabamu (Tanzania) appointed to: Functional Dissection of ROM4/AMA1 Mode of Action in Apicomplexan Lytic Cycle Progression (Prof. Dominique Soldati-Favre; Chetan E. Chitnis; Dr. Michael Blackman).
  • Mr. Harshal Patil (India) appointed to: Fertilisation, signalling and morphogenesis in a malaria parasite (Prof. Andy Waters; Dr. Freddy Frischknecht).
  • Ms. Jaishree Tripathi (India) appointed to: Identification of host genes that modulate Plasmodium liver stage development. (Prof. Maria Mota; Dr. Oliver Billker).
  • Ms. Jenny Howard (United Kingdom) appointed to: Dissection of the role of human gamma-delta T cells in instruction of adaptive immunity against P.falciparum infection (Dr. Charlotte Behr; Prof. Marita Troye-Blomberg).
  • Mr. Kartik Bane (India) appointed to: Role of actin binding proteins in parasite motility (Dr. Freddy Frischknecht; Prof. Dominique Soldati-Favre).
  • Ms. Mariana De Niz Hidalgo (Mexico) appointed to: Spleen cytoadherence facilitates establishment of chronic infections in reticulocyte-prone nonlethal malaria parasites (Prof. Hernando del Portillo; Prof. Volker Heussler).
  • Mr. Pablo Suárez Cortés (Spain) appointed to: Osmiophilic bodies and egress-related proteins in Plasmodium falciparum gamete formation (Dr. Pietro Alano; Dr. David Baker).
  • Mr. Samuel Abah (Nigeria) appointed to: The plasma proteome response of children recovering from Plasmodium falciparum severe malarial anaemia. (Dr. Delmiro Fernandez-Reyes; Prof. Mats Wahlgren).
  • Ms. Sonal Sethia (India) appointed to: Coenzyme A biosynthesis and lipid metabolism - a link between two vital metabolic pathways in Plasmodium falciparum (Prof. Sylke Müller; Prof. Henri Vial).
  • Ms. Sonia Moliner Cubel (Spain) appointed to: Functional characterization of an organic cation transporter in P.   falciparum (Prof. Dr. Michael Lanzer; Prof. Henri Vial).