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Evaluation of the special outpatient clinic AtR!Sk

Section of Translational Psychobiology in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Project description

The Special Outpatient Clinic for Risk Behavior and Self-Harm (AtR!Sk) at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has been in existence since April 2013 and serves to assess, diagnose and treat risky and self-harming behavior in adolescents aged between 12-17 years. The outpatient clinic offers a low-threshold initial contact during the weekly open consultation hours and a detailed diagnosis of general psychiatric and problem-specific symptoms. AtR!Sk currently specializes in short-term therapy of risky and self-injuring behavior as well as dialectical-behavioral therapy for adolescents (DBT-A) for personality development disorders in the context of individual and group therapy.

The evaluation of AtR!Sk's range of treatments serves primarily as a means of quality assurance in order to clarify questions regarding the effectiveness of the specialized outpatient clinic. Last but not least, the evaluation should also serve to answer questions that go beyond this with regard to the development and function of risk behavior and self-harm (SRV) as well as the connection between SRV, personality development and psychiatric disorders in adolescence (e.g. negative life events, trauma) and finally also to investigate which therapy components are particularly effective in the treatment of SRV. For this purpose, the data collected in the course of the diagnosis as well as in the annual follow-up (10-14 and 22-26 months etc. after completion of the diagnosis) will be used.


Head of Research project

Project Coordinator

  • Dipl.-Psych. Gloria Fischer-Waldschmidt
  • M. Sc. Psych. Patrice van der Venne


  • Dipl. Psych. Peter Parzer
  • M. Sc. Psych. Natascha Schmitt
  • M. Sc. Psych. Annika Beckmann
  • M. Sc. Saskia Höper
  • Nicola Schwegler