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The Clinical Psychological Diagnostic System (KPD-38)

Contact: PD Dr. Markus Moessner

The KPD-38 is a clinical self-report instrument developed by the Center for Psychotherapy Research (FOST) for computer-based quality assurance and outcome monitoring in psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine. The questionnaire was developed factor analytically based on a representative population sample (N= 2066) and validated for use in clinical samples (N= 1533). The instrument's target domains are based on the WHO's definition of health and capture resources in addition to impairment measures.

The KPD-38 consists of 38 items and allows the calculation of six scales:

  1. General physical condition
  2. Psychological impairment 
  3. Social problems
  4. Competence skills 
  5. General life satisfaction 
  6. Social support 

In addition, three global scales can be determined: a complaint scale (includes impairment scales), a well-being scale (includes resources), and an overall scale.


The KPD-38 has been proven to be reliable, valid, and sensitive to change in several studies and has very good psychometric properties in both healthy population and clinical patient populations. The short completion time allows the instrument to be used as part of outcome monitoring.

For research purposes the use of the KPD-38 is free of charge.



Download questionnaire KPD-38

Download manual KPD-38

Download manual appendix KPD-38

Download SPSS Syntax KPD-38



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