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Das Zertifikat ist gemäß folgendem Curriculum aufgebaut. Weitere Informationen entnehmen Sie bitte dem Modulhandbuch.

Module 1: Data Scientist’s Toolbox

Module ECTS Topics

Introduction into Data Science

1.5 days, 2 ECTS

Introduction into Data Science including an overview of all courses,
Introduction into R.

Data processing, Visualisation, Reproducibility and presentation

2.5 days, 4 ECTS

Reading in and processing data in R, Visualisation of data structures, Setting up reproducible analyses.


Module 2: Statistical Modelling

Module ECTS Topics

Regression models

2.75 days, 4 ECTS

Linear and non-linear regression, Introduction into variable selection, Introduction into regularised regression models, Model goodness, Re-Sampling methods, Implementation in R.

Generalisied additive models

2.75 days, 4 ECTS

Polynomial functions for modelling influence variables in regression models, Splines, non-parametric models, Implementation in R.

Bayesian statistics

2.75 days, 4 ECTS

Bayes theorem, Bayesian regression, Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods and Gibbs Sampling, Implementation in R.


Module 3: Machine Learning

Module ECTS Topics

Supervised Learning

2.75 days, 4 ECTS

Regularised models, Variable selection, Neuronal nets, Decision trees and random forests, Bagging and boosting

Unsupervised Learning

2.75 days, 4 ECTS

Clustering, Dimensionality reduction, Introduction into Deep Learning, Generative Models


Module 4: Practical application

Module ECTS Topics

Applied Data Science

2.75 days, 4 ECTS

Practical application of the methods learned in the first three modules by analysing a data set in groups

Projekt work

3 months, 8 ECTS

Independent project work and evaluation of a data set including presentation and the creation of a statistical report.