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Study course

The study program starts in October 2021.

  Date Cours Course coordinator
Modul 1      15.10.-16.10.2021  Introduction into Data Science   Dr. Marietta Kirchner
  28.10.-30.10.2021 Working with Data, Plotting, Reproducibility and Presentation       Johannes Vey
Modul 2 11.11.-13.11.2021 Regression Methods Maximilian Pilz
  25.11.-27.11.2021 Bayesian Statistics Dr. Lorenz Uhlmann
  13.01.-15.01.2022 Generalized Additive Models Prof. Dr. Jan Gertheiss
Modul 3 03.02.-05.02.2022 Supervised Learning Dr. Katharina Hees
  03.03.-04.03.2022 Unsupervised Learning Prof. Dr. Harald Binder
Modul 4 31.03.-02.04.2022 Data Science in Practice Johannes Vey