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Visiting physicians / Further training for the subject cardiology

We enable committed physicians from abroad to receive further training in the field of cardiology. In Germany, this training lasts six years in accordance with the further training regulations (WBO).

The minimum requirements for further training in our department are

  • At least two years of practical work in your home country after obtaining your license to practice
  • Complete application documents including CV & licence to practise
  • Granting of a scholarship for the duration of the entire training
  • Very good German language skills (at least level B.2 according to Goethe Institut)
  • Residence certificate/visa
  • Professional licence
  • Positive interview

Curriculum for Further Training in Cardiology

Qualification year 1Cardiology outpatient clinics including:
  • Heart failureoutpatient clinics
  • Electrophysiology outpatient clinics
Qualification year 2Cardiology ward
Qualification year 3Cardiology ICU & CCU
Qualification year 4Echocardiography
Qualification year 5Cardiac Catheterizationlaboratory, pacemaker OR
Qualification year 6

Voluntary / Free Rotation