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Gallstones, Cholecystectomy, and Kidney Cancer: Observational and Mendelian Randomization Results Based on Large Cohorts

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Gallstones, Body Mass Index, C-Reactive Protein, and Gallbladder Cancer: Mendelian Randomization Analysis of Chilean and European Genotype Data

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Epigenome-Wide Analysis of Methylation Changes in the Sequence of Gallstone Disease, Dysplasia, and Gallbladder Cancer

Robust Huber-LASSO for improved prediction of protein, metabolite and gene expression levels relying on individual genotype data

Development and internal validation of a multifactorial risk prediction model for gallbladder cancer in a high-incidence country

Gallbladder Cancer Risk and Indigenous South American Mapuche Ancestry: Instrumental Variable Analysis Using Ancestry-Informative Markers

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Risk of Gynecological Cancers in Cholecystectomized Women: A Large Nationwide Cohort Study

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Identification of Circulating lncRNAs Associated with Gallbladder Cancer Risk by Tissue-Based Preselection, Cis-eQTL Validation, and Analysis of Association with Genotype-Based Expression

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RNA Sequencing of Hepatobiliary Cancer Cell Lines: Data and Applications to Mutational and Transcriptomic Profiling

NGS allele counts versus called genotypes for testing genetic association

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Inbreeding, Native American ancestry and child mortality: linking human selection and paediatric medicine

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Validation of an NGS Panel Designed for Detection of Actionable Mutations in Tumors Common in Latin America

Development of an Application for Electronic Retrieval of Patient and Sample Information in Latin American Regions with a High Incidence of Gallbladder Cancer

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