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C02: Immune complex-mediated and IgG-Fc receptor-dependent recruitment of leukocytes into the skin

Universitäts-Hautklinik Heidelberg

The formation and deposition of IC in the skin and other tissues plays an essential role in the generation of protective antimicrobial immunity as well as harmful autoimmune responses. The interaction of ICs with corresponding Fc receptors (FcR), is a crucial step in IC-triggered inflammation and contributes to the development and severity of several autoimmune diseases. The role of IC/FcR-mediated processes in the initiation, maintenance and selective modulation of leukocyte recruitment into inflamed skin has not been investigated. We will test i) relevant parameters of IC that induce migration of FcgRIII expressing cells, ii) the signaling via FcR that induces dynamic cytoskeletal reorganization involved in leukocyte locomotion. iii) Mouse models for IC-mediated skin inflammation and antibody-mediated blistering diseases will help to unravel the pathophysiologic relevance of our findings in autoimmunity.

Quelle: Universitäts-Hautklinik Heidelberg