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SFB Transregio 156

“The Skin as Sensor and Effector Organ Orchestrating Local and Systemic Immune Responses” investigates the role of the skin in fending off pathogens, in handling of environmental triggers, as well as in coordinating systemic immune responses. Researchers in this the Transregional Collaborative Research Centre study how immune cells of the skin interact with each other as well as with other types of skin cells and the cutaneous microbiome. Their work is also aimed at providing new insights into how different cell types in the skin influence other immune cells and hence the body’s multi-layered immune response. The goal is to develop novel therapies for chronic inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis.

Three aims were put forward for our research consortium:

  1. To better understand skin as an innate immune barrier
  2. To better understand the molecular and cellular interactions orchestrating the intracutaneous crosstalk
  3. To better understand the influence of skin immune reactions on systemic immunity and vice versa


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Main topics of the TR156