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Parasitological Diagnostics Section

Medical Supervision

OÄ PD Dr. med. Marija Stojković
Dr. med. Philip Hoepffner

Contact data of the lab   

Office hours (Mon - Fri):  08h30 - 15h30
Contact persons: Heike Jung, Senior technician
Sybille Wirth
Marina Buck
Beate Kühn

ground floor, lab 027
Im Neuenheimer Feld 324
69120 Heidelberg 

Phone:  ++49-(0)6221 - 56 7846
Link to our service specifications

Please note that our team cannot give any medicinal parasitological advice via phone or e-mail. You are therefore asked to either make an examination appointment through our colleagues of the Tropical Medicine Section (Tel. 06221-56 22 999) or have specimen material be sent to us via your general practitioner.

Thank you very much for your understanding.