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Open Positions for PostDocs and PhD students

1 PhD position: Metabo-epigenetic regulatory circuits of heart disease caused by inherited and acquired lipid accumulation

Inherited neutral lipid storage disease with cardiomyopathy (NLSD-CM) is caused by mutations in PNPLA2, encoding a lipid droplet (LD)-associated protein, and is characterized by massive lipid accumulation. Using mouse models of genetic and acquired NLSD-CM, we have demonstrated the involvement of histone deacetylases (HDACs) in the development of diastolic dysfunction. The aim of the project is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms by which HDACs regulate lipid metabolism and cardiac function, to unravel the metabo-epigenetic circuits connecting chromatin state with metabolic and lysosomal-autophagic control in NLSD-CM.

If you have a background (master or equivalent) in molecular biology, biochemistry, medicine or related and you are keen to investigate fundamental molecular circuits causing cardiomyopathy, this may be the right position for you. 

Please send your application to Sekretariat.Backs(at)med.uni-heidelberg.de.



If you are interested in a PhD or postdoc  position in our group and have a background in chromatin biology, heart research and/or computational biology do not hesitate to contact us to discuss current or upcoming project and job/funding opportunities.

Please send your application to: ralf.gilsbach(at)cardioscience.uni-heidelberg.de



The Backs lab is always looking for independent and ambitious scientists with a heart for experimental research to join our team. Candidates for PostDoc and PHD positions are strongly encouraged to apply for felowships to support their research.

Please send your application to: Sekretariat.Backs(at)med.uni-heidelberg.de