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Application and Admission

The study program is addressing graduates of medicine, mathematics, statistics or similar fields with background in statistics (e.g. psychology).

The next round starts in WS 2024/2025. Please note that the application deadline is the 15.06.2024


Application documents

The following documents need to be submitted:
- Application document
- Registration form
- Unauthenticated copy of the study credentials
- Curriculum Vitae
- Proof of statistical knowledge (if necessary)

Please send your documents via e-mail before the end of the application deadline to the following address: datascience(at)

Admission requirements

Addressed are graduates (at least six semesters) of the following study programs with previous knowledge in mathematics and statistics.

Biostatistics / Statistics / Mathematics

Addressed are graduates of biostatistics, statistics, or mathematics (requiring at least a bachelor or diploma) A separate proof of statistical knowledge is not necessary.


Applicants with a medical background have to proof sound statistical knowledge. For this purpose, courses of biomathematics, ecology or biometry of the curriculum of medicine are not sufficient.


Psychologists have to proof sound mathematical and statistical knowledge.


Graduates from other fields need to proof mathematical and statistical knowledge.

Prior knowledge of mathematics and statistics

Prior knowledge of mathematics and statistics

The proof of previous knowledge in mathematics and statistics is required when applying unless there is a degree in biostatistics, statistics or mathematics. The following content should be covered:


  • Basics (arithmetic, logarithm, power, functions (e.g. linear functions, exponential functions), linear equation, equation systems)
  • Differential and integral calculus
  • Extreme value problems
  • Vector and matrix calculation (scalar product, calculation with matrices and vectors, inverse matrix, transposed matrix, determinant)


  • Basics of probability calculation (including discrete and continuous random variables and distributions)
  • Conditional probability and Bayes' theorem
  • Point Estimators and Confidence Intervals
  • Central limit theorem

In addition, the basics of statistical analysis (basics of descriptive and inductive statistics, scale level of variables, measure of location and dispersion measures, correlation) are advantageous but not required for participation in the certificate.

As proof of previous knowledge in mathematics and statistics please submit certificates of attendance from relevant courses, seminars, advanced training or study certificates, etc. . The content (e.g. excerpt from the study regulations or the module handbook) and the scope (e.g. hours per week per semester, ECTS credit points, number of days) must be evident from the submitted documents. In order to be able to check the previous knowledge, please include an overview of your previous knowledge. Submit this overview with the supporting documents and your application documents.

Every two years we offer a statistics course (part 1: mathematical basics, descriptive statistics; part 2: stochastics / statistics). A lack of previous knowledge could be acquired through this. You can find more information on this in our master's program in Medical Biometry / Biostatistics.