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Travel Medicine Information

ATTENTION: Consultations by telephone or e-mail are not offered!

Appointments can be made by calling 06221-56 22999.

Consultation Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons

What you can expect:

In our travel medicine consultation, we offer you individualized travel medicine advice based on the latest scientific data. In particular, we take into account the duration and type of trip (e.g. hotel vacation, backpacking, business trip), your medical situation (age, previous illnesses, long-term medication) and your existing vaccinations.  You will receive travel-adapted recommendations for any necessary malaria prophylaxis medication and its prescription. People with immunosuppression who are planning a trip should make an appointment in our general outpatient clinic.

After the vaccination consultation, we will carry out any necessary vaccinations and issue the necessary vaccination cards and certificates.

Please note:

If available, please bring your vaccination card or other vaccination documents (e.g. vaccination titer determinations) with you.

All services will only be charged by EC or credit card, cash payment is not possible.

Yellow fever vaccination from the age of 60: Due to the relative contraindication, we only carry out the yellow fever vaccination for people aged 60 and over in our outpatient clinic in rare and justified exceptional cases.

Such a decision cannot be made over the phone, but only at a regular appointment with our vaccinators during our vaccination consultation hours.