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Consultation for Patients with Health Issues Associated with Tropical Medicine/Infectious Diseases in the Hospital


We have a particularly close cooperation with


  • the Department of Internal Medicine (esp. Gastroenterology and Infectious Diseases; Gastro-Wach (IMC, Intermediate Care) and Gastro-Intensiv (ICU, Intensive Care Unit), particularly malaria patients requiring intensive care)

  (Schwake L, Streit JP, Edler L, Encke J, Stremmel W, Junghanss T (2008). Early treatment of
  imported falciparum malaria in the intermediate and intensive care unit setting: an 8-year
  single-center retrospective study
. Crit Care. 2008; 12(1):R22. Epub 2008 Feb 22)


  • the Department of Surgery (esp. interdisciplinary management of patients with cystic echinococcosis; extrapulmonary tuberculosis in migrants)
  • the Department of Ophthalmology (esp. consultation on uveitis: diagnostic investigation of imported parasitic infections of the eye)
  • the Women’s Hospital/Neonatology (toxoplasmosis)
  • the transplantation units (parasitic/ imported infections in immunocompromised patients)
  • Paediatrics (malaria and other imported diseases)
  • the Department of Neurology (parasitic diseases, esp. neurocysticercosis)