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Special consultation hours for tuberculosis and other mycobacterial infections

For appointments please call: 06221-56 22999

Appointments: new patients Monday morning and afternoon

Mycobacterial infections can affect all parts of the body. In our special consultation for tuberculosis and mycobacterial infections, we focus primarily on infections outside the lungs, resistant infections or infections that affect patients with comorbidities (including co-infections). We carry out the necessary diagnostics and treatment and provide intensive support for those affected during the lengthy and complex therapy.

We hold a TB/NTM Board once a month for interdisciplinary discussion of complex cases. Registration by email

The topic of mycobacteria is dealt with intensively in research and clinical practice in our department in collaboration with the Thoraxklinik Heidelberg and many international cooperation partners. As a result, we have established ourselves as a clinical reference center with a supra-regional catchment area and contribute to national and international guidelines.

Claudia Denkinger Research Group: