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Current Events

We are delighted to announce the upcoming conference "Uncovering the Familiar - Philosophical Approaches to a Ubiquitous and Elusive Phenomenon" taking place as an in-person event in Heidelberg on June 27-28.

The conference aims to establish a framework for integrating diverse analyses of familiarity and shedding light on the normative dimensions involved. In addition, the talks will focus on the significance of interpersonal relationships in the formation, maintenance, and disruption of familiarity.


Laura Candiotto (Pardubice), Jérôme Dokic (Paris), Thomas Fuchs (Heidelberg), Sanneke de Haan (Rotterdam), Julian Kiverstein (Amsterdam), Allan Køster (Aalborg), Michelle Maiese (Boston), Judith Martens (Antwerp), Hannes Gustav Melichar (Heidelberg/Milwaukee), Matthew Ratcliffe (York), Philipp Schmidt (Heidelberg/Würzburg), Daniel Vespermann (Heidelberg) 

We will announce the final program and further organizational information shortly.


Venue: Lecture hall of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Karlsstraße 4, 69117 Heidelberg

Scientific Organization: Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Fuchs, Dr. Philipp Schmidt, M. A. Daniel Vespermann

Please register with if you are interested in participating.


The conference is part of the DFG-project "Dynamics of Oikeiosis. Familiarity and Trust as Basic Elements of an Intersubjective Anthropology and Their Significance for Psychopathology" (project number: 513696000) and the ENACTING TRUST lecture series.