Welcome to our Section Clinical Tropical Medicine

Our aims are to:

  • further develop Heidelberg’s centre of clinical tropical medicine on both a national and an international level
  • strengthen our position at Heidelberg Medical School (HeiCuMed) regarding both clinical tropical medicine and diseases associated with travel or migration
  • contribute to improving/addressing any health concerns associated with global and neglected diseases by means of an international network of institutions with research in clinical tropical medicine

Call phone for malaria and other urgent tropical medical emergencies

following times for the emergency departments (via the emergency outpatient clinic of the Medical Clinic Tel: 06221 56-8782) of the hospital and for gastro-wake and gastro-intensive care:

On weekdays from 6:00 to 8:00 and from 17:00 to 21:00,
on weekends continuously from 7:00 to 21:00.

This service is staffed by senior physicians and can also be used by other hospitals in justified cases (through the mediation of the emergency outpatient clinic at UKHD), e.g. because of malaria patients during the critical therapy phase.

Dr. med. Claudia Denkinger

Head of the Institute (Section Clinical Tropical Medicine)


Internal Medicine, Infectiology and Tropical Medicine

+49 6221 56-22999
+49 6221 56-5204

Tuberkulose – Die tödlichste Infektionskrankheit der Welt
(SWR2 Interview)

Immer mehr Menschen erkranken an multiresistenter Tuberkulose. Die zweijährige Behandlung ist langwierig und in den stark betroffenen Ländern Weißrussland und Mosambik für Patienten und Ärzte nur schwer umzusetzen.
Doch jetzt gibt es neue Medikamente, neue Tests, neue Ansätze.

The WHO is urging countries to expand access to rapid molecular tests for the detection of TB and drug-resistant TB in updated consolidated guidelines, released June 30, 2020. The guidelines are accompanied by an operational handbook to facilitate rapid implementation and roll out of rapid molecular tests by national TB programmes, ministries of health and technical partners. Claudia Denkinger, head of our division, contributed to these guidelines.

WHO urges countries to expand access to rapid molecular tests for the detection of TB and drug-resistant TB.


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