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Comments 2004

Very interesting experience for 1. going back to school 2. high calibre of lecturers who knew what they were subjects. 3. Organizers were doing the best to look after the students 4. friendliness of the participants- all were great!
The only thing (if I had to be really picky) was that there wasn´t much pre-course information/preparation, eg information where to go, who is coming, programme.

The organisation was really perfect. In the near future it would be nice to incorporate some mucogingival surgery into the lectures and hands on courses. The radiology lectures and the histology lectures was a little bit too theoretical. The participants were very nice and I think the group will also stick together in the near future.

I hope in the future You organize an international postgraduate program.

In the field of periodontology more different and also controversial opinions should be presented. Thank You very much for the kind invitation!

All the teachers were very kind! High level of scientific lectures! It would be nice to focus on these points:
-    nice, if possible toget some presentations on CD with summeries and images from the lectures. This would be useful to review all the lecture
-    I found the hands ons too quick. I suggest more hands on sessions, each one focused on a single (or double maximum) surgical procedure.
This would make participants learn more thoroughly each single surgical intervention.

Great idea, perfectly arranged, lot of new aspects ( maybe should be more GTR), due to great social life it was a real holiday, too. It was nice that Christian could spend a lot of time with us as a guide. Lectures from 8.30 till 16.00 maybe too long. Perhaps should be 9.00-14.30.
Thank You for this amazing 2 weeks!

If possible, more time dedicated to hands on sessions If possible, spend some time treating patients at chaisite in Your department, both as first operator and as assistant. I think it would be better if half of the time would be dedicated to practical activities.

In the future it could be interesting to spend time discussing clinical cases from Your clinic but also from the participants. So it could be a good idea to ask them to bring some cases in order to discuss during the summerschool, not only complete cases but also treatment planning cases in order to get suggestions.

I would like to thank You for the opportunity You gave me to come and attend and learn more things in this field of dentistry.

Very nice experience!
I think it would better to have more participants from different countries and not so many from one country. I also ligue some hands-ons on connective tissue transplants. All the doctors from the clinic are very nice.

I would like to see an international postgraduate program organized by this school. Dr. kim showed a high availability for us, not only concerning the scientific problems but also for social events. I think she has the right profile to be in front of this program.

Thank You for Your lectures and concernings. In future, in implant presentation, I think that it is not proper get supporting from one implant company, like a “special brand” education. In my aspect we need more various discussions and information.
Especially , especially thank You for Your efforts.

The duration of the summerschool could be extended by a week ot two, in order to be able to learn more since one would still have to adjust for the first few days to the new environment. Also there would be more opportunities for clinical case discussions, more exchanges of ideas on treatment approaches.


The organizers were extremely kind and opened. The whole time was a lot better than I expected. Even the weather was perfectly timed. If the participants were more similar (eg. Periodontists) it could be more interactive, maybe sharing more the everyday problems.

Thank You for the organization!! It would be greatful to organize this regularily. More discussing (seminars) to exchange the treatment differences from the different countries.

I think that the summerschool is a very good idea.