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Comments 2014

5.1.    After spending 2 weeks of Summerschool please describe from your point of view what this Summerschool is, if you have to explain it.

•    “The summerschool of the University of Heidelberg, is a great training program of Periodontology and Implantology where you can learn, reinforce your knowledge with high level Specialists and practice new techniques in the hands on. All of this scientifique activities with also group activities to visit the city and discover German culture. So Great !!!”

•    “Summer school is a place where you can meet other people who have the same interest as you. Expanding professional knowledge, and associate professional network.”

•    “Summerschool is a great opportunity to review some basic topics in Periodontology and to learn and discuss new procedures. It also provides networking with people from many different countries, who have in common the interest in Periodontics.”

•    “I think this Summerschool is the best opportunity for those who want to enhance their theoretical and practical perio knowledge. One gets to interact with people sharing the same passion and exchange both scientific and cultural information.”



5.2.    Please complete the following sentences...

I.    My expectation for the Summerschool 2012 was…

•    “Great conferences, interesting topics, hands on, meet high level specialists in the field of Periodontics and implantology, and improve my knowledge.”

•     “Very high.”

•    “To have an international experience, learning and discussing Periodontology from different points of view with people with diverse clinical experiences.”

•    “Perio and implants hands on at least one per day.”

II.    In fact, my experience in the 2 weeks of Summerschool was…

•    “Everything I expected  and more. I reinforced my knowledge.”

•    “Very good.”

•     “Much more than I could imagine. It has promoted not only a professional but a personal growth because being abroad alone was a personal challenge.”

•    “A more relaxed program.”


III.    It would have been better if...

•    “The group was a little bigger, representing more countries, and if there were more hands-on.”

•    “We had had the photography course.”

•    “We could get the handouts before lecture. And in pdf. Get the plan of the lecture before we arrived in Heidelberg.”

•    “It lasted longer.”

IV.    During the 2 weeks I missed…

•    “My language”

•    “Handouts”

•    “My boyfriend.”

V.    During the 2 weeks I appreciated...

•    “The hospitality of Pr. Kim and the whole team that works with her.”

•    “The knowledge, and the people.”

•    “The Kopfklinik.”

•    “The care I felt due to the whole Summerschool organization.”



5.3.    Which preparations for Summerschool would you recommend to future participants?

•    “Periodontal regenerative therapy”

•    “Hands on of different surgery techniques and practice of sutures techniques.”

•    “More about Preparation of case reports.”

•    “Photography training course.”

•    “Recommend to read up on the basic.”

•    “Housing preparation in advance because in the summer it can be very difficult to find one cheap and near the hospital. Also, I would recommend to prepare 2 presentations of their perio cases and an umbrella !;)”

•    “I would advise future participants to prepare a good case report, to bring something typical from their countries to the final celebration and to be willing to learn during lectures and enjoy during social events.”

5.4.    Place for some final words, comments, etc.

•    “Thanks to everyone who makes this Summerschool of Periodontology and Implantology possible every two years. This was a great time that I will always remember as a great part of my professional growth.”

•    “Summerschool was the international experience I always dreamed of! Prof. Kim and her team really put their effort on making things easier. I am extremely happy to have had this amazing personal and professional experience. Thanks to all who made this possible! I hope to see everybody soon!”

•    “Price of the Summerschool was very reasonable and we´ve learned a lot. I´m just sorry, we didn´t have a couple more hands-on and topics such as periimplantitis and crown lengthening. Thank you very much for your effort. It was really nice.”

•     “My time spent in Heidelberg was incredible, I wish to thank Prof. Kim and her team for accepting me as a participant of 2014’ Summerschool.  I had the occasion to learn high level periodontics in the best medical system!”