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Comments 2016

5.1. Please complete the following sentences...

My expectation for the Summerschool 2016 was…

In fact, my experience in the 2 weeks of Summerschool was…

It would have been better if...

During the 2 weeks I missed…

During the 2 weeks I appreciated...


My expectation for the Summerschool 2016 was…

“Learn more about Heidelberg’s protocols in periodontology!”

“a serious program with a lot of lectures and assignments”

“everything new about periodontology in current time”

“get a different perspective of periodontology, learn new techniques and


“a great learning experience”

“meet a lot of friends!”

“a platform of knowledge and cultural sharing!”


In fact, my experience in the 2 weeks of Summerschool was…

“Fantastic, happy and curious!”

“An eye opening experience”

“very good”

“Amazing, In fact I have gained so much experience for periodontal treatment

and I really enjoyed the atmosphere of Heidelberg, the food is also very


“Summer school totally changed my personal perspective about periodontal view

and treatments, I learned a lot here, Prof Kim is a super genius, since now I will

treat my patients with the knowledge she gave to me”

“lecture session is great and all lectures were capable in her/his field, social

events were all excellent and fun, I fully understand that Prof Kim wants to widen

our horizon about back to basic”

“Fascinating, I learned more from basic periodontal treatment, much about some

new surgery technique and how to perform bladeless therapy”


It would have been better if...

“the time schedule would have been more relaxed, more time to share and


“clinical part with patients”

“we had 3 weeks instead of 2 weeks”

“more hands-on courses”

“we could see videos of the live surgeries”

“we could get some inside on the research going on at Heidelberg University”

“if we could get the information about the accommodations earlier”


During the 2 weeks I missed…

“My family and my patients”

“More periimplantitis lectures”

“Enough time to sleep”

“Home cooked food”

“Shopping time”

“my sleep time and my noodles”



During the 2 weeks I appreciated...

“The fact that in terms of information it was the best I attended so far. All

matters were supported  by  scientific evidence and had a clear logical reasoning 


Lovely program and perfect presentation and lectures”

“The new friends from Indonesia and other countries and the way of organizing

this school”

“All the efforts of the team of in the University and the dedications of the whole


“Hard work of Prof Kim and committee all lectures all residents”

“Belief of maintaining  the tooth properly before decide some implants, nice and

warm friends”

“The hospitality of the team, Prof Kim and assistants really made me feel


“New friends from Indonesia and other countries, the way of organizing the


“the team!”

“the nutrition lecture”


Place for some final words, comments, etc.

“Summer school was confidencing our philosophy, fulfilled our knowledge”

“Unforgettable moments”

“These 2 weeks were one of the best times of my life. If I had a time machine I

wish I could turn back this time. This program is very recommendable for perio

people who want to gain more and get a new perspective in perio-world”

“Everyone should come here”

“Was very helpful and an example for doing this as a model in our country too”

“Tons of thank you of your hospitalities. I hope we can manage to meet again in

the future as we grow up as a better periodontist”

“Thank you, I have learned a lot and appreciated the time together”

“Highest recommended program ever”

“If I have another chance I will surely come again, the summer school is very


“This summer school absolutely changed my perspective about periodontology

I’m happy being here and get the new perspective about periodontology As Prof

Kim is very mainstream as periodontologist I suggest every student should join

the course”

“To sum up I really appreciated it, it was more than I would have learned by

myself from books, hands on were great”

“I am so grateful I could be part of this Program, I learned a lot and enjoyed

Heidelberg so much, we are going to take what we had in the program and

develop it in our country”