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Evaluation 2010

What is your evaluation of the Summerschool on a scale from 5 to 1 (5 = best; 1 = worst)?

Please evaluate how the following topics have been dealt with in the Summerschool.
Basic science: 4.7
Clinical studies: 4.9
Clinical diagnosis: 4.9
Hands-on course: 4.6
Clinical treatment: 4.1


The Calibre of the Lecturers in general.


Scientific base of the lecturers (evidence based).


3 best lecturers:

Prof. Dr. Dr. KimProf. Dr. EickholzProf. Dr. Schlagenauf
Teaching skills54.94.9
Scientific background554.9
Presentation skills54.94.6

Evaluation of the hands-on-courses.
periodontal flap surgery (Eickholz): 4.8
Treatment of furcation involvement – Tunnelprep. (Kim): 4.9
Mucogingival surgery (Kim): 4.9
Regenerative Therapy Emdogain (Kim): 4.9
Preparation for implants augmentation (Steveling): 4.8


Evaluation of the social events
Guided night city tour: 3.9
Excursion to Mannheim: 4.4
Hiking in Heidelberg & Schnitzelhaus: 4.8
Tour in Bensheim Sirona: 4.1
Nightlifetour in Heidelberg: 4.7
in general: 5