Kliniken &… Kliniken Mund-, Zahn-,… Poliklinik für… Lehre International… Evaluation 2012

Evaluation 2012

What is your evaluation of the Summerschool in general (on a scale from A to E [A = best; E = worst])?

Please evaluate how the following topics have been dealt with in the Summerschool.

Which topics should be spent more attention to within the Summerschool program?

The Calibre of the Lecturers in general?

How were the teaching skills of the teacher?

Scientific base of the lectures (evidence based)?

Please name the 3 lectures/ seminars that you think were the best.

Which lecture/seminar did you find least exciting?

What is your evaluation of the hands-on-courses?

Which topic would you like to have additionally?

Please name the event that you enjoyed most.

Would you have liked to visit more places in and around Heidelberg?

...if yes, which ones?

  • “I would liked to visit Strasbourg, but it wasn't possible.”                   
  • “Königstuhl”
  • “I would like to visit other cities near Heidelberg.”                               
  • “Stuttgart (Mercedes Benz Factory)”                    
  • “Straßburg”
  • “There is enough time to visit some places alone, there is no need for escorting.

Any suggestions what we could have done additionally?

  • “In my opinion everything was really well prepared, so no suggestions from my side (or perhaps the information prior to the beginning of the summerschool could have been sent earlier).”
  • “Send the programme for summerschool before students arrive in Heidelberg.”
  • “To accommodate all of the participants together.”
  • “Accommodate all participants in campus and less/shorter coffee breaks.”
  • “The more increasing of group working, the more me are getting a good relationship with our company.”
  • “No. I am surprised with the quality of the summerschool. My colleagues told me that it would be a wonderful opportunity for me and I am still surprised. You are all so brilliant, kind and the team of periodontists are great. I have to congratulate and thank you for this wonderful two weeks in Heidelberg. I learned a lot, every minute there were something to learn. Thank you so much.“

Where did you stay during the summer school?

Where you satisfied with the service?

Was the price reasonable?

Where the rooms clean?

Would you recommend this accomodation to future participants of the summerschool?

In your opinion, which part of the summer school should be focussed more or less on in the future?

How did you like the size of the Summerschool?

What do you think about the background of the participants?

Please give a prospect of the effect the Summerschool might have on your future work.

What do you think about the schedule?