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Final Reports 2012

Yusuke Kugo - Japan

The Summer School for Clinical Periodontology and Implantology was held from the 30th of July to 10th August, at the Periodontology Section, at Heidelberg University. Finally we were 14 students with 9 different country. It's pity that one of participants drop out on the half way because of a unexpected accident.

Then, during this 2weeks, we had excellent lectures, hands-on-courses and memories with every participant (including Dr .Dr. Kim and her team).

By the way, because this was the first time visiting Europe for me , I made a big mistake in Heidelberg. I arrived in Heidelberg one day before the summerschool, tried to confirm where Heidelberg university is and went to the direction of Heidelberg university. At the time, I thought the summerschool would be held in Heidelberg university (actually the summerschool would be held in a hospital). When I arrived in Heidelberg university, I noticed my mistake and hurried to get back to my hotel and asked them like this "where is Heidelberg hospital???" Fortunately, the hospital is near my hotel ( It takes 20min by bus.). I should have looked up the way on the internet more.

And then, when the course started, I was a little nervous. I was the only a participant from Japan and probably the first Japanese participant for this summerschool. But I didn't need to worry about such things. All participants are kind, gentle, friendly to each other. Almost every day we had a dinner together and talking many things about ourselves, which was very interesting to me and was my precious memory.

After coming back to my country, I will tell my friends about what I learned from this summer school and recommend them to go.

Although I didn’t write about lectures or contents, needless to say all of them are super excellent. Probably, some of us explain about contents precisely in this final report.

Finally, all what I want to say is “Astonishing”!! I will never forget all in Heidelberg.


Verônica de Carvalho (Brazil)



The Summerschool for Clinical Periodontology and Implantology took place from July 30th to August 10th 2012, at Section of Periodontology, Department of Operative Dentistry at University of Heidelberg. This summerschool was created and organized by Prof. Kim, Head of Periodontology Section, who was the Program Director and Project Manager. The program was composed by 14 participants from different countries: Latvia, Bosnia, Croatia, Romania, Poland, Norway, Portugal, Japan, Turkey and Brazil. Such a mixture of nationalities was a great experience to exchange periodontal knowledge and culture. And the number of participants was perfect in order to make progress in our discussion seminars and hands-on courses.

During the period of 2 weeks, several lectures were ministered by experienced professors, interactive learning seminars were coordinated by Dr. Kim, hands-on courses, and social events were in our schedule.

The first week was dedicated to the basics aspects of periodontology. At the first day, there was a great lecture by Prof. Van Dyke “Management of Inflammation of Periodontitis”, who came from Boston (Forsyth Institute) especially to this lecture. After that, all of students and professors had the Welcome Dinner and an excursion to the Heidelberg Castle. It was a very interesting opportunity to spend some time together since the begging. Then, there were lectures of:


·        Clinical and Microbiological Diagnosis”, ministered by Dr. Bäumer

·        Anti- infective therapy at the University of Heidelberg” - Prof. Kim

·        The principle of full-mouth disinfection” – seminar by Dr. Ruetters

·        Furcation involvement” - Prof. Kim

·        “Debridement: by hand or by machine? Scaling and root planning”, and “Periodontal surgeryhands on” in pig’s jaw - Prof. Eickholz (Frankfurt University)

·        “How to prepare a case presentation” Dr. Baümer

·        “Dental Photograpy” and hands on – Prof. Bengel

·        “Regenerative Therapy” – Prof. Kim


The second week was a mixture of Periodontology and Implantology aspects. The majority of lectures were ministered by Prof. Kim:


·        Regenerative Therapy – hands on (EMDOGAIN)”

·        Periodontal Medicine” – seminar

·        Long-term results after periodontal treatment”

·        Prognosis”

·        “Supportive periodontal treatment “– seminar

·        “Antibiotics in Periodontology”

In addition, Prof. Mertens, from Surgical Department, ministered lectures about “Bisphonate”, “Implant and Augmentation procedures” and “Implants setting hands-on”. “Esthetic aspects after periodontal therapy” was ministered by Dr. El Sayed, and “Reconstruction after periodontal therapy” by Prof. Schmitter.

In the last two days, we had the chance to present a case from our clinical experience. And then, we could discuss all aspects learned in the days before. It was excellent to reinforce the knowledge obtained during these two weeks.

All of the lectures were ministered with excellence of periodontal knowledge, based on classical and modern literature, to improve our clinical decisions. The seminars was very important, in order to keep the students more active during the discussions and fix the ideas presented in lectures. The hands-on courses were a great chance to practice some surgical techniques, with experienced professors and great materials.

Dr. Kim and her team, composed by Nihad El Sayed, Daniel Hagenfeld, Maurice Rütters, Philipp Schleich and Kyrill Schoilew, were very organized, careful and attentive with all of us. They provided great times of learning periodontology, learning Germany culture, and enjoying the social events.

This summerschool was a wonderful and unforgettable opportunity to recycle my periodontal knowledge, sharing two weeks with amazing people from different countries, in a comfortable dorm in the university campus. I am sure that I am a very lucky person, because I could be in this excellent summerschool.

I would like to thank the following people for making this summerschool so memorable and possible:

Prof. Kim who is a brilliant professor and also a great person;

The University of Heidelberg that accepted me as a summeschool student;

The German Society of Periodontology that provided me the scholarship which covered my course attendance fee and free accommodation;

The Prof. Kim’s team that made everything easier;

And my classmates who collaborated to make it unforgettable.


Suzanna Oruba (Poland)


In my opinion, Summerschool was an exquisite experience, in periodontal, social and intercultural sense. I love the idea of networking young doctors working in the field of perio from different countries. Those two weeks were incredibly intensive, with lots of evidence based data being pumped into our heads. All the lectures and hand’s on courses were accurately prepared and the lecturers – Prof. Kim, Prof. Eickholz, Dr. Bengel, Prof. van Dyke – were just best! I would also like to emphasize how attentive and helpful were the residents – thank you guys for the great job and devoting us your time! I hope to see you soon!


Magda Mlacović-Zrinski (Croatia)


I think this was a unique experience because the Summerschool was a great professional improvement where I got to meet great colleagues and Heidelberg was a beautiful host city. We had loads of fun. I congratulate the Perio team of the University Clinic for their organization and friendliness. I hope we will all keep in touch from now onwards and remember you are always welcome in Croatia!


Daniela Santos Silva (Portugal)


The Summer School for Clinical Periodontology and Implantology ran from July the 30th to August the 10th, at the Periodontology Section, Department of Operative Dentistry at Heidelberg University. We were 15 students with different nationalities. In terms of scientific level, it was without doubt the best course of periodontology I have ever attended. The excellence and merit of Prof. Dr. Ti-Sun Kim and his outstanding team from the periodontology section at the University Hospital, contributed for this high degree of expertise, due to the professional and pedagogical manner they were transmitted to us. During these two weeks, we had the opportunity to enrich our knowledge essentially in the area of pure periodontics, in terms of the basic science, as well as in terms of more advanced surgical procedures. We focused on several points, among them: "Management of Inflammation in Periodontitis", "Clinical Periodontal Diagnosis", "Microbiological Diagnosis", "Classification of periodontal diseases", "Debridement: by and or by machine?", "Dental Photography", "Periodontal Regeneration", "Periodontal Medicine", "Longterm results after periodontal therapy", "Treatment planning/ Prognosis of teeth", "Supportive Periodontal Treatment" and "Antibiotics in Periodontoloy". We also had the opportunity to participate in a few Hands-on courses as "Periodontal flap surgery (Kirkland flap, modified Widman flap, distal wedge, papilla preservation flap)", "Regenerative Therapy with enamel matrix protein derivate (EMDOGAIN) and bone substitute", "Tunnel preparation" and "Preparation for implants, setting implants". All topics discussed were always supported by scientific evidence and always very well documented and supported by studies and papers published in international journals. The cultural program was a very full, but balanced and interesting. It included a trip to the University Hospital, a Guided Night City Tour - Heidelberg, hiking in Heidelberg, excursion - Schwetzinger Schloss and hiking to Thingstätte. Of all these, I think hiking to Thingstätte was the activity that most of the participants will never forget, because of the beauty of the view but also due to the huge effort made to reach the top of the mountain :). After this marathon of going up and down the mountains for three hours, we had a well deserved dinner with the entire section group. The overnight programme was essential for good relations amongst all Summerschool students. I would say we all enjoyed the best of this great opportunity to create strong personal relationships between people who previously did not know each other, especially with "caipirinhas". I would like to thank the University of Heidelberg that granted me a scholarship in the form of accommodation during the two weeks of summer school, which would have been very difficult to attend the summer course without. For all this, I would strongly recommend to all Periodontology lovers not to miss the opportunity to attend the Summerschool for clinical Periodontology and Implantology at the Universitiy of Heidelberg,

Thank you all.

Daniela Santos Silva

(The portuguese girl) :)


Aldiana Pjano (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


My stay in Heidelberg was great. We all love the Summerschool. I strongly recommend this stage with Prof. Kim to all who love periodontology. I also thank all the people who accompanied us. They were fantastic. The summerschool 2012 was fantastic at all levels.

I should not forget to mention Merlin, a meeting place of generation 2012, when they were not in one of the Heidelberg Castle ;)


Una Stamere (Latvia)


The time I spent in Heidelberg at Summerschool was realy unforgettable! This was so because of many really nice people. For first it was the Professor Kim's great team - every one of them was very kind, polite and very organized. I am sure that's the way they are in everyday life as well! And the great participant team from all over the world was just ASTONISHING!
I wish for all of us to keep the joy of learning till the last second of life! This is what LIFE really means...


Tomislav Domic (Croatia)


First, the lectures and education that I got in Heidelberg were truly great even though I finished my specialization two months before. Actually, I was upgrading my knowledge and repeating my 3 years of specialization. It was nice to meet Professor P. Eickholz, Professor Van Dyke and especially you Professor Kim. I was pleasantly surprised with everything, it was a great experience to be on your department and to see how everything is functioning and how good teams of dentists you have. I would also like to praise your young doctors Nihad, Maurice (great lecturers), Phillip, Daniel and Kyrill of course who helped us with everything. Besides lectures, the best thing was an interaction among us, the participants, in solving some cases and tasks which you gave us. Hope you will organize some advanced courses for clinicians and some hands on courses in mucogingival surgery in the future. THE ONLY THING I WOULD LIKE IS THAT I COULD WATCH SOME LIVE SURGERY ON YOUR DEPARTMENT!

Second thing was to meet and to know all this guys from all over the world. Especially Yuske :) I think that we functioned super super cool as a group and had a wonderful time, maybe some more party nights wouldn't hurt. For me it was great to share experience with other colleagues and to learn from their experience. I hope to stay in contact with all of them and even to cooperate with some on some common clinical cases for some congress! We all have to meet some time again in Heidelberg and exchange the experiences.


Solmaz Farahvsh (Turkey)


The İnternational Summer School for Clinical Periodontology and Implantology was organized by the Section of Periodontology, Department of Operative Dentistry of the Heidelberg University from July 30th to August 10th , 2012. The University of Heidelberg is a reference of patients attendance and Medicine teaching, where we can point out great research centers, clinics and institutes.

In terms of scientific level, it was without doubt the best course of periodontology I have ever attended. The excellence and merit of Prof. Dr. Ti-Sun Kim and her outstanding team from the periodontology section at the University Hospital, contributed for this high degree of expertise, due to the professional and pedagogical manner they were transmitted to us.

At the 1st day, there was an introductory lecture about the course, the city and the university, and the presentation of the participants who came from several countries.

During the period of 2 weeks several topics were ministered by experienced professors and clinicians. They were excellent to remind the basics of periodontology: epidemiology, diagnosis, etiology, treatment planning,therapy and prognosis. Also we had the oppurtinity to improve our photografical skills by the courses .

The Summer School was not only ordinary learning school. The social events were planned very well by Dr. Kim and her team. The social program took us as far as the hiking tour, city tour and piknik.

Another amazing point was time to show the performance each one prepared in order to be able to receive the certificate. 

İ would like to thank Prof.Dr.Kim and her team.


Aldiana Pjano (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


During two weeks of Summerschool of Periodontology I learned a lot of. At the first week we discuss the following topics: Management of Inflammation in Periodontitis, Microbiological Diagnosis, Classification of periodontal diseases, antiinfective therapy, Therapy of full-mouth disinfection, debridment, Scaling and rootplanning, Non-surgical or surgical periodontal therapy, Indication for Guided Tissue Regeneration. Also in the first week we had a hands-on course on a pig jaw: Periodontal flap surgery. And what was very interesting was heading to dental photograpy.

In the second week we had three hends-on courses and there were: Regenerative Therapy with enamel matrix protein derivate (EMDOGAIN) and bone substitute, tunnelpreparation and Preparation for Implants, setting implants what was very interesting. Topics that we discussed were: long-term results after periodontal treatment, Prognosis of teeth, Supportive Periodontal Treatment, Antibiotics in Periodontology I, II and III, Implant/Augmentation procedures, Esthetic aspects after periodontal therapy. We also discuss many cases, there OPG recording were analyzed, possible diagnoses were established and possible therapeutic procedure were proposed.

Summerschool of Peridontology was a new experience for me, some things I have confirmed, some learned, with some I first met. It was very exciting to put the implant for the first time.

Beside two very educative week we had a lot of fun with our hosts. They did their best to make our time special and they showed us Heidelberg, host city.

I would like to thank Prof. Kim for all the effort to show us how wide Periodontology dental discipline is, to show us the importance of approaching each patient as an individual. I would like to thank Nihad, Daniel, Maurice, Philipp and Kyrill for a nice and pleasant time spent with us during the lectures and during leisure time.