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Our work is focused on stimulating axonal growth of the adult rodent central nervous system (CNS) following spinal cord injury (SCI). To overcome limited CNS growth following traumatic injury we provide a favorable environment with cell transplantation and biomaterials as well as genetic or pharmaceutical stimulation of the axonal growth potential. Moreover, we are interested in structural changes (plasticity) responsible for positive (spontaneous recovery) and negative outcomes after SCI (chronic neuropathic pain and spasticity) as well as therapeutic means (such as neurorehabilitation) to modulate them.



Projects and Techniques:

Stimulating the intrinsic axonal growth potential (epigenetics and transcriptional regulation)
Bridging the axonal divide with cell transplantation and biomaterials
Uncovering SCI induced neuropathic pain pathways
Selected Techniques


Lab members:

Principal Investigator

Dr. rer. nat. Radhika Puttagunta, PhD


Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. rer nat. Beatrice Sandner


Graduate Students

Opens internal link in current windowChristopher Sliwinski

Opens internal link in current windowThomas Schackel

Opens internal link in current windowVasileios Kampanis



Research Associates

Melanie Motsch



Dr. rer. nat. Juliana McCall
Dr. rer. nat. Manuel Ingo GüntherDr. med. Timo A. Nees
Dr. rer. nat. Ioana Goganau
Dr. med. Shengwen Liu
Dr. rer. nat. Ina Simenova
Prof. Dr. Armin Blesch



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Leitung Neuroregeneration

Dr. rer. nat. Radhika Puttagunta