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Bridging the axonal divide with cell transplantation and biomaterials

The chiasm that forms following traumatic axonal injury to the spinal cord is highly prohibitive to axonal regeneration and recovery. We utilize cell transplantation (Schwann cells, astrocytes, fibroblasts, stem cells and fetal cells) and biomaterials (alginate-based anisotropic capillary hydrogels) either separately or in combination to bridge this divide and provide physical support for the axons. To stimulate axonal growth across this support network we also provide neurotrophins and growth factors. We are now combining this with pharmaceutical treatments to further stimulate axonal growth across the bio-support bridges.   

Collaboration with Dr. Rainer Müller (Regensburg) and Dr. Armin Blesch (Indiana University, Stark Neurosciences, USA)

Figure: Astrocytes combined with biomaterials support axonal growth.

Schematic diagram depicts lateral hemisection with insertion of hydrogel seeded with cells (A). Implantation in vivo shows hydrogel channels filled with green fluorescent protein (GFP) positive cells (B). These cells fill the entire length of the channels (C). The GFP cells appear to provide support for growing axons (red) (D).


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