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PancoBank platform

Biobank at the European Pancreas Centre (EPZ/Surgery Heidelberg)

Established by Prof. M. W. Büchler in 2002, the Biobank of European Pancreas Centre currently contains over 10.000 biospecimens and is a member of BMBH-Consortium.

The STARLims-managed collection of tissues and biofluids serves a broad spectrum of intra- and extramural research activities, particularly genome-wide screening programs. To accelerate clinical translation of our findings, we developed PancoBank-infrastructure which integrates two units.

The first unit is an Amazon-like platform enabling standardized web-based registration of the suitable samples, their management, quality assessment, and distribution. It allows to perform remote searches of the database by cooperating partners and provides them with HE-stained images and information about cellular composition of collected tissue samples—one of the most crucial aspects in the interpretation of the molecular profiles. This unit was developed in the framework of German-wide translational genomic network PaCaNet (NGFNPlus program funded by BMBF, www.ngfn-pacanet.de).

The second unit of the PancoBank utilizes developed by DKFZ iCHIP-technology (www.services.ichip.de), to store and to link PID-protected clinico-pathological records to the data delivered via own research activities or by various cooperating partners. The information includes qualitative (images) and quantitative data sets such as whole genome sequencing or measurements of mRNA, miRNA, SNPs, proteins and antibodies. These sets are used to elucidate molecular signatures associated with pancreatic pathogenesis and enabling stratification of the patients for novel treatments.


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PD Dr. med. Nathalia A. Giese
Im Neuenheimer Feld 116
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Gebäude 6116

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    Dr. sc. hum. Miriam Schenk

Technische Leitung

OP-Room Duty

FFPE-Tissues Biobanking


  • EPZ-Outpatient clinic (Prof. Thilo Hackert, Dr. Christine Tjaden, Ulf Hinz)
  • Institute of Pathology, University Hospital Heidelberg, Prof. Peter Schirmacher
    - BMBH-team (Biomaterial Bank Heidelberg; Prof. Dr. Esther Herpel)
  • DKFZ  (German Cancer Research Center)
    - Bioinformatics:
    Dr. M. Schlesner, Prof. B. Brors
    Genomics, proteomics, mRNA and miRNA profiling: Dr. Andrea Bauer and Dr. Jörg Hoheisel; Division of Functional Genome Analysis
    GWAS studies: Dr. Federico Canzian, Genomic Epidemiology Group
    Whole genome profiling: HIPO (Heidelberger Institute of Personalized Oncology; Peter Lichter) and NCT
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