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KLIK green – Climate protection meets hospital

In the KLIK green project, 250 hospitals and rehabilitation clinics nationwide employ specialists who are qualified as climate managers. These are to set concrete climate protection targets for the facilities, plan measures and implement them. The aim is to avoid at least 100,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalents. The project is funded by the National Climate Protection Initiative of the German federal government until April 2022.

At Heidelberg University Hospital, a climate manager is being trained via KLIK green at the Center for Information and Medical Technology. In addition, the KliOL team is in exchange with the KLIK green project management in order to benefit from each other's experience.

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Netzwerk Nachhaltigkeit (NENA)

At the UKHD, we work very closely with the Network for Sustainability (NENA). NENA is an association of currently about 50 active colleagues and other supporters from various departments, clinics and occupational groups of the UKHD that is open to all employees.

What does NENA do?

  • Work in small groups on evidence-based and climate-relevant topics (e.g. food supply, waste management, reduction of anesthetic gases, information and medical technology, ...)
  • Internal and external climate communication (publications, lectures)
  • Networking (Scientists4F, critical physicians, Psych4F, other hospitals)
  • Initiation of action-oriented climate research
  • Teaching initiatives on climate communication (e.g. 2slides4future; PlaN-MED)

In all of these areas, NENA and KliOL work closely together. For example, KliOL members attend regular NENA meetings and NENA representatives are part of KliOL's internal steering group. Networking is very important for the KliOL project to stay in close contact with the UKHD staff.