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Climate protection measures

With regard to the implementation of climate protection measures, KliOL is particularly characterized by its focus on Scope 3 emissions ("supply chains"). The climate protection measures developed and implemented in KliOL are intended to offer health benefits in addition to GHG reduction, such as fewer side effects through reduced overmedication, better health and well-being through active employee mobility, and delivery of healthier and more climate-friendly food to employees and patients. Thus, not only is the same medical quality provided with reduced GHG emissions, but health is promoted and maintained through the measures. Additionally, the positive health aspects may motivate implementation of the measures. KliOL will also evaluate the impact of the implemented measures on costs. Here, there may be additional costs, but also financial co-benefits (e.g., large savings in energy costs or medications). The following table shows an overview of exemplary climate protection measures and assumed benefits in the area of cost savings and health.