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The Early Clinical Pharmacological Trial Unit KliPS has a longstanding experience in the conduct of Early Clinical Trials for new, promising drugs and was established in 2004. Certified according to the quality management norm DIN EN ISO9001 it is situated in the Medical Clinic of the University Hospital, where many drugs were administered to humans for the first time worldwide.

With the reliable experience of more than 140 clinical drug trials, a network of trial centers that operate according to the same high quality standards was established in 2019. In addition to KliPS this network comprises the Pediatric Clinical Pharmacological Trial Center paedKliPS and the Pneumological Clinical Pharmacological Trial center ThoraxKliPS, while a Nephrology Clinical Pharmacological Trial Center is currently being established.

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Prof. Dr. med. Walter E. Haefeli

What we stand for


New drugs promise hope for relief, which will only be fulfilled if we use these drugs correctly. This requires standardized, reliable observations in so-called clinical trials.


Clinical trials must be conducted correctly and evaluated objectively by qualified personnel. The results from the trials and their interpretation must be independently verified if their execution and the accompanying documentation are to form a reliable basis for new therapeutic strategies.


To ensure that trial participants do not suffer harm from new substances that have not yet been tested in humans, great demands must continuously be met. These include a highly qualified study team, validated processes and well-equipped infrastructure.

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