Welcome Information for… Nursing


Families who come to us can rely on our dedicated and professionally trained team of doctors and nurses who treat their young patients with loving care and the latest therapeutic methods. Children and their parents are also supported by experienced specialists such as psychologists, social workers, music and sports therapists, as well as our kindergarten teachers and the Heidelberg Hospital School – both during and after the treatment on our premises.


The Opens external link in new windowNursing Service cares for patients in all four departments of the University Medical Center for Children and Adolescents.


The Opens external link in new windowNursing Team of the Department of Oncology works in the hematology outpatient department, the day unit and the oncology ward K3. Your contact is
Mr. Stefan Bender  +49 6221 - 56 4550.


Your contact in the Opens external link in new windowCystic FibrosisTeam is
Ms. Lilo Rippberger +49 6221 - 56 6432


Follow-up care

Our competent team will organize, coordinate and offer support for follow-up patient care. Click Opens external link in new windowhere for more information.