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Methods Peer Group

As a measure for the promotion of young scientists at the Centre for Psychosocial Medicine (ZPM), the ZPM provides annual funding for a so-called methods peer group for in-depth discussion of methodological issues. The ZPM methods peer group is to address all young scientists at the ZPM (doctoral candidates and postdocs) with the aim of providing further training on methodological topics as well as networking and scientific exchange. In this way, the ZPM methods peer group brings young scientists from different clinics and institutes into contact with each other, enabling them to deal with questions of statistical data evaluation (e.g., multi-level modelling, time series analyses, analyses of dyadic data) in greater depth. Within a fixed annual budget, regular meetings, workshops and lectures with national and international guests and a working retreat are financed. A poster competition is held every year as a year-end event.

The ZPM methods peer group, established in 2016/17, is organised and coordinated on a rotating basis with each ZPM institution providing one or two representatives as coordinators. Current representatives of the organising team are

Current representatives of the organizational team and contact persons for further information:
Dr. Gwendolyn Mayer, Department of General Internal Medicine and Psychosomatics
Katja Seitz, M. Sc.-Psych., Department of General Psychiatry
Katharina Williams, M.SC.-Psych, Child and Youth Psychiatry
Dr. Martin Stoffel, Institute for Medical Psychology
Dr. Christina Gallinat, Institute for Psychosocial Prevention.

The board of the Center for Psychosocial Medicine acts as scientific advisory board.