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→ Links: Lancet.

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→ Links: Thieme.

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→ Links: PMID: 36898715; BMJ; pdf-Dokument.

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→ Links: Springer.

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→ Links: PMID: 37927430; PMCID: PMC10625017; ScienceDirect.

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→ Links: Uni Bielefeld; pdf-Dokument.

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→ Links: PMID: 37418026; Springer; ResearchGate.

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→ Links: PMID: 37737318; PMCID: PMC10539183; Springer Link.

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→ Links: RKI.

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→ Links: IJPH; ResearchGate.

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→ Links: IJPH.

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→ Links: PMID: 37605124; PMCID: PMC10441710; pdf-Dokument.

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→ Links: PMID: 36719863; PMCID: PMC9888720; PLOS; pdf-Dokument.

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→ Links: PMID: 35550577; PMCID: PMC9096763; pdf-Dokument.

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→ Links: PLOS; pdf-Dokument.

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→ Links: PMID: 35749409; PMCID: PMC9231813; PLOS; pdf-Dokument.

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→ Links: Springer Link.

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→ Links: WIdO; pdf-Dokument.

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→ Links: PMID: 35658333; ResearchGate; IJHPM; pdf-Dokument.

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→ Links: MDPI; pdf-Dokument.

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→ Links: PMID: 36424105; PMCID: PMC9693650; BMJ Open; pdf-Dokument.

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→ Links: transcript Verlag; pdf-Dokument.

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→ Links: PMID: 35136866; PMCID: PMC8815301pdf-Dokument.

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→ Links: PMID: 35682197; PMCID: PMC9180213; pdf-Dokument.

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→ Links: Lancet; ScienceDirectpdf-Dokument.

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→ Links: nomos-eLibrary; pdf-Dokument.

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→ Links: mdpipdf-Dokument.

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→ Links: RKIpdf-Dokument.

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→ Links: PMID: 34863345; PMCID: PMC8639156; ScienceDirectThe Lancetpdf-Dokument.

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→ Links: PMID: 34641919; PMCID: PMC8513294pdf-Dokument.

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→ Links: RKIResearchGatepdf-Dokument

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→ Links: Spriger Medizinpdf-Dokument.

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→ Links: ResearchGatepdf-Dokument.

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