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Welcome to the Parasitology Unit at the Centre for Infectious Diseases

Parasitology is a science at the heart of clinical medicine, epidemiology, immunology, molecular biology and biochemistry.

It deals with some of the most important infectious diseases of mankind.

Parasitology has the potential to help us understand questions regarding the complexity of life and the interactions between different species.

Parasitology may provide the tools to alleviate the suffering of millions of people stricken by parasites.

Prof. Michael Lanzer, Ph. D.

Current Highlights

DZIF Seminar Series

organized by our group leader Vicky

The seminar series "malaria cross talk between field and bench research" initiated in 2017 by our former group leader Silvia Portugal (now at the MPI-IB in Berlin) and funded through the German Center for Infection Research is going to be continued also in 2021.

Victoria Ingham, our new DZIF junior group leader, has kindly offered to take on the organization of the seminar series. So far the talks are scheduled to take place once a month (if possible the last Monday). Due to the Corona pandemic we are forced to continue the virtual format for the time being but hopefully will be able to have on-site talks again soon. 


a web-tool enabling swift profiling of transcriptomes

The Frischknecht lab proudly presents SPOT (Swift Profiling Of Transcriptomes), a web tool that allows not only differential expression analysis but also fast ranking of genes fitting transcription profiles of interest.

Farr EB, Sattler JM, Frischknecht F. SPOT: a web-tool enabling swift profiling of transcriptomes. Bioinformatics. 2021 Jul 21:btab541. 

Talk by F. Frischknecht

"Why have we not been able to eradicate malar?"

The talk given in 2014 by Freddy Frischknecht, Professor for Integrative Parasitology at our Department, has been made availalbe to the public by EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) Heidelberg as part of its virtual seminar series "Infectious Disease and Society". Though the lecture was recorded a while ago it is still topical and highly insightful. Don't miss out on it!

Also worth keeping in mind: EMBL's virtual seminar series is ongoing, i.e. further talks are constantly being added to the current list of publicly available lectures.