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Dear friends of dermoscopy

We would like to invite you to participate in some new „man against machine“ reader studies.

Currently, we have prepared two sets of dermoscopic cases, namely

  1. „Broad Spectrum Set“ including 100 cases of 10 frequent benign/malignant dermoscopic diagnoses,
  2. „Face and Scalp Set“ including 100 cases only selected from this anatomic site.

At your disposition you may rate only one or both sets of images. All participants will compete against the current version of the „Moleanalyzer-Pro“ deep learning convolutional neural network, that has recently gained market access in Europe (Moleanalyzer Pro, FotoFinder Systems GmbH, Bad Birnbach, Germany).

For your commitment we offer acknowledgement in the manuscripts (as Pubmed listed and searchable collaborator plus listing in the acknowledgement section of the manuscript). Participants who agree to be acknowledged are kindly asked to leave their full names via the rating interface.


Our group has designed this study as an independent cross-sectional reader study, without conflicting financial interests. FotoFinder Systems GmbH offered to host the URL of the web interface but has neither a role in the design of the study nor in the analysis and interpretation of data.

Thank you very much for your collaboration (instructions on how to register attached below)!

Kind regards,
Prof. Dr. H. Haenssle, MD



Insturctions for using the Rating App

1.    Please open the registration link in a web browser.

2. Please enter your email address and create a password

3. Please follow the instructions and click “here” to login.

4. You may select to rate only one or both sets of images. You may interrupt your ratings and even log out via the “exit” button in the right upper corner at any time without losing the progress of your work. Once you have selected a set of images for rating some introducing slides will illustrate how to proceed.