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  • The Dietmar Hopp Stiftung has supported the establishment and development of paedKliPS since October 2020 with a four-year grant of 810,000 Euros. The foundation has supported two innovative clinical scientific projects at paedKliPS as well.

  • The first project evaluates age-appropriate dosage variety with more precise dosing enabled by using two-dimensional (2D) drug printing. The funding amount is 1,360,000 Euros.

  • In the second project ("INSPECTOR"), numerous metabolic products (so-called biomarkers/biomarker sets) will be simultaneously determined and characterized in blood and urine of children with selected diseases. Specific metabolic profiles that can predict the best individual drug therapy with fewer side effects will be investigated. The funding amount is 830,000 Euros.
  • paedKliPS is an active member of the pediatric network GermanNetPaeT and contributes to the establishment of this network structure together with the Center for Child and Adolescent Medicine. The aim of the network is the harmonization of documents, procedures, ethical principles and regulations, pharmacovigilance, education and training as well as applied biometrics in pediatric clinical trials. GermanNetPaeT was established in 2018 as a part of the Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 (IMI 2) conect4children (c4c)

  • The goal of conect4children is European networking and coordination of multinational clinical trials in pediatrics and improved collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and the pediatric clinical trial centers.