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Dear Parents,

We are happy to inform you about
the ongoing clinical trials in our trial center.

Why we consider clinical trials in children to be important: In many cases, particularly rare diseases in children and adolescents, treatment options are often limited because drug effects have mostly been investigated in adults.

Thus, systematic studies of drug efficacy, dosage and tolerability in children and adolescents are often missing.
This situation has improved significantly in the last decade.
More and more new drugs are being developed specifically for sick children and adolescents and investigated in respective pediatric clinical trials worldwide. Not all children's hospitals in Germany (as well as in other countries) have the opportunity and experience to carry out clinical trials.

Clinical trials have to meet high standards: The organization and conduct of clinical trials worldwide are subject to strict regulations and high-quality standards. Moreover, the protection of the rights of the study participants and the weighing of the benefits against possible risks and burdens in a clinical trial are strictly reviewed by independent institutions, so-called Ethics Committees. A clinical trial may only be carried out once a Competent Federal Authority and an Ethics Committee have given their approval.

Close cooperation with the pediatric specialists: In our clinical trials we work very closely with the attending physicians from various departments of our Children's Hospital as well as other Children's Hospitals in Germany. They can assign us patients for participation in a clinical trial while remaining their primary care physician.
You are welcome to speak to your child’s doctor about possible participation in a clinical trial if your child suffers from a disease for which we are currently offering an ongoing clinical trial. Your doctor can also
contact us via E-Mail at any time to obtain further information about your child’s possible participation in the clinical trial.

What we are striving for: Our University Hospital with the Trial Center paedKliPS pursues the goal of enabling sick children and adolescents to find new treatment options with innovative drugs and to investigate new age- appropriate dosage forms.

All our knowledge and experience are bundled to provide the best quality of life for your child!

paedKliPS team