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Simultaneous modeling of drug concentrations

and effect over time


We use relevant software packages to develop the underlying non-linear mixed effects models according to standardized workflows. The developed models are then used for simulations in order to get more insight in the uptake, distribution and effect of a drug in the body, in order to ultimately determine optimal therapeutic strategies such as dosages or dosing regimens. Our methods can also be applied in situations where concentration measurements are sparse, for example in individual cases from therapeutic drug monitoring. The project result can be a final report or an interactive application (shiny app).


With pharmacometrics as the interface between pharmacology/biology and statistics/mathematics, we pursue the aim of explaining the kinetics and dynamics of drugs to better understand therapeutic outcomes.


Statistical models can be used to predict how a drug will behave in the body, when and for how long it will achieve its effects, and how this will change the course of a disease.

Please contact us if you would like assistance in identifying, preparing and evaluating drug information:Pharmako.Metrie(at)

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