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Drug Utilisation and Drug Safety (AAS)

In this section of our department, which acts as an interface with the clinical areas of the university hospital, teaching hospitals and teaching practices, we give the maximum support for a safe and effective drug therapy. This includes the Drug Information Service, which answers questions about patient-specific drug therapy and the interpretation of therapeutic drug monitoring results in a clinical context. The sections tasks also include participation in the Ethics Committee of the Heidelberg Medical Faculty and in working groups of the Central Drug Commission of the University Hospital Heidelberg.

Further services carried out in or supported by the section include

  • Development of user-oriented drug information for electronic decision support systems (with a focus on drug dose adjustment in patients with impaired renal function)
  • Design, planning, and execution of Investigator Initiated Trials (IIT) to study pharmacokinetics in patients with impaired drug elimination due to organ failure or drug interactions
  • Non-compartmental analysis (NCA) of pharmacokinetic data using state of the art software.


Our vision


Patients receive optimally selected drugs in the safest and most effective dosage possible.

Our Mission

We support clinicians in the realization of an individualized, effective and safe drug therapy through the Drug Information Service. We offer ward round accompaniment and provide electronic information for drug dose adjustment in patients with impaired renal function.


Pharmacological consultationDrug information service at the University HospitalAdvice on patient-specific drug therapy for complex therapy questions 

NephropharmacologyInfluence of renal insufficiency on pharmacokineticsStudies on the use of drugs in renal insufficiency 

Drug informationData elaboration and maintenance for decision support systemsQuality-assured literature review, expert evaluation, documentation, and integration into IT systems 

PharmacometricsThe right drug in the right doseSimultaneous modeling of drug concentrations and effects over time 

Therapeutic Drug MonitoringTDM of antifungal therapy with the drug voriconazoleQuantification of plasma levels for monitoring and optimization of the therapy 

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