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Preparation and structuring

of drug information


Preparation and structuring of drug information for electronic decision support systems including medical-pharmaceutical evaluation

  • Identification and preparation of information by means of SOP-supported processes in an ISO 9001 certified environment
  • User-oriented presentation (e.g. in AiDKlinik®)
  • Answering specific questions with medical-pharmaceutical expertise


Quality-assured development of relevant, user-centered information on medicines (e.g. administration via feeding tubes) and therapy assessment (e.g. drug interactions, dose adjustment for impaired renal function)


Longstanding experience in SOP-based, ISO 9001-certified preparation and interprofessional evaluation of drug information for electronic systems (e.g. AiDKlinik®)

Please contact us if you would like assistance in identifying, preparing and evaluating drug information:Arzneimittel.Informationen(at)

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