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Medical Information Technology (MedIT)

The Medical Information Technology section provides solutions on how to digitally collect and subsequently use medical knowledge in electronic databases. We develop and operate an extensive infrastructure that enables quality-assured knowledge management for a large team of experts. Access to this knowledge is provided by specialized clinical information systems, solutions for medication safety and apps for mobile devices, as well as by generally accessible information portals for patients and healthcare professionals.

Our vision


Our solutions and ideas on drug therapy safety and the safe use of medicines integrate valuable and extensive medical expertise into users' processes. Relevant information and evidence-based decision support are provided at the right time to avoid risky or incorrect prescriptions or their use.

Unsere Mission

We support the transfer of knowledge into practice with standardized development processes. Working closely with bothexperts and users we optimally adapt our products, services and knowledge data to the needs of users.


Medical applicationsDigital assistance on mobile devicesWe develop certified medical apps for complex medication safety issues in drug therapy 

Knowledge bases for medication safetyDevelopment and maintenance of digital medical knowledge basesWe design suitable electronic knowledge bases for decision support systems 

e-prescription/telematic infrastructureSoftware for healthcare digitalizationWe implement certified software for use in the clinical environment 

Web information portalsAccess to secure high-quality informationWe operate freely accessible information portals for healthcare professionals and lay people/patients 

IT tools for medication safetyDevelopment of IT-based tools for medication safetyConception, support and piloting of IT-based solution concepts for medication safety 

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