Research centre for imaging and non-invasive diagnostic technologies in dermatology


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Prof. Dr. med H. Hänßle

Department of Dermatology

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69120 Heidelberg

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Teilnahme an aktueller Studie zur künstlichen Intelligenz in der Dermatoskopie (Deutsch)

Participation in current study on artificial intelligence in dermoscopy (English)



Research Focus:

Imaging technologies, Non-invasive diagnosis, Prospective clinical studies, Licensing studies in conformity to current legislation/guidelines on medicinal products (MPG) 



Human skin is well-accessible for a direct visual inspection and also for a non-invasive examination by physical and opto-acustical technologies. Increasing numbers of non-invasive strategies for the diagnosis of skin cancer but also for inflammatory skin diseases hold the promise of improving the diagnostic accuracy without the requirement of a surgical biopsy. More recently systems using ‘artificial intelligence’ algorithms for the diagnostic assessment of digital images entered the clinical arena. The aim of our research is the assessment and clinical validation of novel and innovative diagnostic technologies within the scope of current legislation/guidelines on medicinal products (MPG).  




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Prof. Dr. med. Holger Hänßle


Group Leader

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