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The Institute of Pathology is committed to internationality in research and clinical service and welcomes foreign qualified applicants. In the last 15 years more than 70 foreign scientists from over 30 countries and all continents, stipendiaries and students have worked for longer times in our Institute, have been trained and have also immensely contributed to our performance. We want to thank all of them as well as the supporting institutions.

For interested persons, please contact Dr. Mandy Skunde (mandy.skunde@med.uni-heidelberg.de).

Foreign medical doctors, guest doctors, guest scientists and scholarship holders


Dr. Z. Abadi (2018-2022) (Iran)PhD-student
Prof. Dr. A. Abdelaziz (2016; 2018) (Egypt)PhD-scientist, stipend (Alexander von Humboldt)
W. Al- Zoughbi (2017) (Austria)MD, stipend (ESP, Giordano Fellowship)
Dr.  M. Andrulis (2006-2015)(Lithuania), MD
I. Arkhypov (since 2023)(Ukraine), MD
Dr. O. R.  Bandapalli (2004-2008) (India)PhD-scientist
Dr. A. Barkauskiene (2006) (Lithuania)MD (guest)
Dr. L. Becker (2006) (Brazil)MD (guest)
Dr. M. Bosic (2017) (Serbia)MD, stipend (ESP, Giordano Fellowship)
Y. Fierro Castillo (2016) (Mexico)MD (guest)
A. Charbel (since 2020) (Lebanon)MD
H. Da Silva Mourato Henriques (since 2021) (Portugal)MD
Dr. A. Damle-Vartak (since 2022) (India)PhD-scientist
Dr. N. El-Ekiaby (2017; 2018; 2021) (Egypt)PhD-scientist, stipend (SFB/TR 209 Research Fellowship, Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship)
N. Elgohary (2012-2013) (Egypt)PhD-scientist, (Egyptian Governmental Stipend)
Dr. Z. Elsawaf (2011) (Egypt)PhD-scientist
PD Dr. I. Esposito (2003-2007) (Italy)MD
N. Ganjian (2019-2023) (Iran)PhD-student
Dr. A. Geldiyev (2005-2009; 2013) (Turkmenistan)MD, stipend (2007-2008: Landesgraduiertenförderung)
Dr. I. M. Grypari (2024) (Greece)MD, stipend (ESP, Giordano Fellowship)
Dr. G. O. Oluwole (2017-2021) (Nigeria)PhD-student
Dr. M. González-Vallinas Garrachó (2015-2017) (Spain)MD (guest)
Dr. I. Gullo (2020) (Portugal)MD, stipend (ESP, Giordano Fellowship)
Dr. M. Hämmerle (2010-2016) (Austria)MD
Dr. M. Hashani (2009-2011) (Kosovo)MD-scientist, stipend
R. Helwa (2007-2008) (Egypt)PhD-scientist, stipend
P. Hesse-Poletto (2007) (Brazil)MD (student)
Dr. M. Hsu (2008) (USA)MD
Dr. J. Hu (2016-2019) (China)PhD-scientist, stipend (Chinese Scholarship Council)
A. Inal (since 2021) (Turkey)PhD-student
S. Jimenez-Vasquez (since 2019) (Spain)PhD-student
G. C. Kaip (2009) (Argentinia)MD (guest)
Y. Kammoun (2015) (Tunisia)MD (guest)
Dr. N. Koleganova (2004-2008) (Turkmenistan)MD
Dr. G. Kökeny (2004-2006) (Hungary)PhD-scientist, stipend (Harry Jellinek Scholarship)
Prof. Dr. Z. Kosjerina (2009) (Serbia)PhD-scientist, stipend
C. LierMD (student)
Dr. K. Liu (2018-2020) (China)MD (guest)
Dr. C. Lucena-Porcel (since 2017) (Spain)MD
P. Macsek (since 2021) (Slovakia)PhD-student
C. Maggi (2023) (Italy)Master student, stipend (by Brescia University)
K. Mardi (India)MD (guest)
Dr. A. Muckenhuber (2011-2015) (Austria)MD
B. Müller-Stich (2008) (Switzerland)MD (student)
E. Neurohr (2007) (Switzerland)MD (student)
I. Ourailidis (since 2021) (Greece)PhD-student
Dr. G. Özgün (2019) (TurkeyMD, stipend (ESP, Giordano Fellowship)
Dr. P. F. Palanca (2021) (Spain)PhD-scientist, stipend (Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Spain)
F. Pedrini (since 2022) (Italy)PhD-student
Dr. R. Pellegrino (since 2017) (Italy)PhD-scientist
Dr. G. Piecha (2010) (Poland)MD (guest)
Dr. F. Pinna (2010-2015; 2016-2019) (Italy)PhD-scientist
M. Raue (2014) (Chile)MD (guest)
Dr. S. Revia (2016-2021) (Indonesia)PhD-scientist
A. Schmidt (2005) (Switzerland)MD (student)
Dr. K. Schulc (2022-2023) (Hungary)PhD-scientist, stipend (Harry Jellinek Scholarship)
O. Scott (2016) (USA)PhD-scientist, stipend
H. Seker-Cin 
A. Seretny (since 2019) (Poland)PhD-student
S. Singh (2007-2010) (IndiaMD (guest)
Dr. E. Stoupi (2024) (Greece)MD (guest)
R. Sugiyanto (since 2017) (Indonesia)PhD-student
E. Szabó (2015) (Hungary)PhD-scientist, stipend
Dr. Y. Tang (2020-2023) (China)PhD-student
Dr. T. Tay (2023) (Singapore)MD (guest)
Dr. C. Toth (2015-2016) (Hungary)MD
Dr. M. Tóth (since 2016) (Hungary)MD
Dr. L. Traini (2017-2021) (Italy)PhD-student
Dr. S. Wan (2013-2017) (China)MD, stipend (Chinese Scholarship Council)
Dr. T. Wei (2015-2019) (China)MD, stipend (Chinese Scholarship Council)
Dr. L. Wehling (geb. Abrupe) (2020-2022) (Latvia)



Dr. Q. Zhang (2016-2019) (China)PhD-scientist, stipend (Chinese Scholarship Council)


DAAD-geförderte Kooperation

DAAD-geförderte Kooperation mit dem 2. Pathologischen Institut der Semmelweis-Universität Budapest, Ungarn:    

Im Rahmen des projektbezogenen Personenaustauschs mit der Republik Ungarn wird in den Jahren 2006 sowie 2007 ein Kooperationsprojekt mit dem Titel: „Expression of adhesion molecules in human hepato­cellular and pancreatic tumors as potential diagnostic and therapeutic targets“ vom Deutschen Akademischen Austausch Dienst (DAAD) gefördert. Haupt-Kooperationspartner sind Dr. Beate Straub und Prof. Dr. Peter Schirmacher von Seiten des Instituts für Pathologie Heidelberg, Prof. Dr. Werner W. Franke, Abteilung Zellbiologie, DKFZ Heidelberg, sowie Dr. Dr. Andras Kiss und Prof. Dr. Zsuzsanna Schaff von Seiten des 2. Pathologischen Instituts der Semmelweis Universität in Budapest.