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Selected Articles &  Selected Reviews

Lauber C., and  Seitz S. (2024). Deep mining of the Sequence Read Archive reveals major genetic innovations in coronaviruses and other nidoviruses of aquatic vertebrates. PLoS Pathog. 20(4):e1012163.doi: 10.1371. PMID: 38648214

Lauber C., and  Seitz S. (2022). Opportunities and Challenges of Data-Driven Virus Discovery. Biomolecules 12, 1073. PMID: 36008967

Lauber C., Vaas J., Klingler F., Mutz P, Gorbalenya A.E., Bartenschlager R., and Seitz S. (2021). Deep mining of the Sequence Read Archive reveals bipartite coronavirus genomes and inter-family Spike glycoprotein recombination. bioRxive (in revision). doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2021.10.20.465146

Harati Taji Z., Bielytskyi P., Shein M., Sani M.A., Seitz S.*, and Schütz A.K.* (2022). Transient RNA Interactions Leave a Covalent Imprint on a Viral Capsid Protein. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 144, 8536-8550. PMID: 35512333
*Co-corresponding authors

Gömer A., Brown R.J.P., Pfaender S., Deterding K., Reuter G., Orton R., Seitz S., Bock C.T., Cavalleri J.M.V., Pietschmann T., Wedemeyer H., Steinmann E., and Todt D. (2022). Intra-host analysis of hepaciviral glycoprotein evolution reveals signatures associated with viral persistence and clearance. Virus Evol. 8, veac007. PMID: 35242360

Oberhuber M., Schopf A., Hennrich A.A., Santos-Mandujano R., Huhn A.G., Seitz S., Riedel C., and Conzelmann K.K. (2021). Glycoproteins of Predicted Amphibian and Reptile Lyssaviruses Can Mediate Infection of Mammalian and Reptile Cells. Viruses 13, 1726. PMID: 34578307

Beck J., Seitz S., Lauber C., and Nassal M. (2021). Conservation of the HBV RNA element epsilon in nackednaviruses reveals ancient origin of protein-primed reverse transcription. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A. 118, e2022373118. PMID: 33753499

Glebe D.*, Goldmann N., Lauber C., and Seitz S.* (2021). HBV evolution and genetic variability: Impact on prevention, treatment and development of antivirals. Antiviral Res. 186, 104973. PMID: 33166575
*Co-corresponding authors

Seitz S., Habjanič J., Schütz A.K., and Bartenschlager R. (2020). The Hepatitis B Virus Envelope Proteins: Molecular Gymnastics Throughout the Viral Life Cycle. Annu. Rev. Virol. 7, 263-288. PMID: 32600157

Schult P., Nattermann M., Lauber C., Seitz S., and Lohmann V. (2019). Evidence for Internal Initiation of RNA Synthesis by the Hepatitis C Virus RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase NS5B In Cellulo. J. Virol. 93, e00525-19. PMID: 31315989

Lauber C., Seifert M., Bartenschlager R., and Seitz S. (2019). Discovery of highly divergent lineages of plant-associated astro-like viruses sheds light on the emergence of potyviruses. Virus Res. 260, 38-48. PMID: 30452944

Corcuera A., Stolle K., Hillmer S., Seitz S., Lee J.Y., Bartenschlager R., Birkmann A., and Urban A. (2018). Novel non-heteroarylpyrimidine (HAP) capsid assembly modifiers have a different mode of action from HAPs in vitro. Antiviral Res. 158, 135-142. PMID: 30031759

Mutz P., Metz P., Lempp F.A., Bender S., Qu B., Schöneweis K., Seitz S., Tu T., Restuccia A., Frankish J., Dächert C., Schusser B., Koschny R., Polychronidis G., Schemmer P., Hoffmann K., Baumert T.F., Binder M., Urban S., and Bartenschlager R. (2018). HBV Bypasses the Innate Immune Response and Does Not Protect HCV From Antiviral Activity of Interferon. Gastroenterology. 154, 1791-1804.e22. PMID: 29410097

Lauber C.*, Seitz S.***, Mattei S., Suh A., Beck J., Herstein J., Börold J., Salzburger W., Kaderali L., Briggs J.A.G., and Bartenschlager R. (2017). Deciphering the Origin and Evolution of Hepatitis B Viruses by Means of a Family of Non-enveloped Fish Viruses. Cell Host Microbe. 22, 387-399.e6. PMID: 28867387
*Equal contribution, **Corresponding author

Seitz S., Iancu C., Volz T., Mier W., Dandri M., Urban S., and Bartenschlager R. (2016). A Slow Maturation Process Renders Hepatitis B Virus Infectious. Cell Host Microbe. 20, 25-35. PMID: 27321908

Binder M., Eberle F., Seitz S., Mücke N., Hüber C.M., Kiani N., Kaderali L., Lohmann V., Dalpke A., and Bartenschlager R. (2011). Molecular mechanism of signal perception and integration by the innate immune sensor retinoic acid-inducible gene-I (RIG-I). J. Biol. Chem. 286, 27278-87. PMID: 21659521

Ni Y., Sonnabend J., Seitz S., and Urban S. (2010). The pre-s2 domain of the hepatitis B virus is dispensable for infectivity but serves a spacer function for L-protein-connected virus assembly. J. Virol. 84, 3879-88. PMID: 20130049

Petersen J., Dandri M., Mier W., Lütgehetmann M., Volz T., von Weizsäcker F., Haberkorn U., Fischer L., Pollok J.M., Erbes B., Seitz S., and Urban S. (2008). Prevention of hepatitis B virus infection in vivo by entry inhibitors derived from the large envelope protein. Nat. Biotechnol. 26, 335-41. PMID: 18297057

Seitz S., Urban S., Antoni C., and Böttcher B. (2007). Cryo-electron microscopy of hepatitis B virions reveals variability in envelope capsid interactions. EMBO J. 26, 4160-7. PMID: 17762862

Engelke M., Mills K., Seitz S., Simon P., Gripon P., Schnölzer M., and Urban S. (2006). Characterization of a hepatitis B and hepatitis delta virus receptor binding site. Hepatology. 43, 750-60. PMID: 16557545