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CIID Seminar Series

Heidelberg Virology Seminar

Supported by the Chica and Heinz Schaller Foundation Heidelberg
and the Collaborative Research Center SFB 1129

Tuesdays at 5.15 p.m., SR003/004, CIID

Next Seminars

October 10, 2023: Hanna Lotter, Bernhard-Nocht-Institute Hamburg, on ‘Myeloid cells and sex difference in parasitic diseases’

October 17, 2023: CIID Seminar: Frauke Mücksch & Alexander Dalpke

More information will be posted here soon

June 27, 2023: Thomas Otto, Glasgow: Exploring host-pathogen interaction with single cell transcriptomics - What are we missing?

June 20, 2023: Eike Steinmann, Ruhr-University Bochum: ‘Molecular Mechanisms of Hepatitis E Virus Replication’

June 6, 2023: Gary Ward, University of Vermont: ‘A multiscale approach to understanding the motility of Toxoplasma tachyzoites’

May 30, 2023: Mohsan Saeed, NEIDL/Boston University: ‘Defining viral and host factors of SARS-CoV-2 pathogenesis’

May 16, 2023: Nihal Altan-Bonnet, NIH: ‚What Viruses do to Infect YOU!‘

May 9, 2023: Internal CIID seminar: Markus Ganter & Marco Binder

May 2, 2023: Michael Elbaum, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel, on ‚New methods of electron cryo-tomography and their application to the Plasmodium asexual cell cycle‘

April 25, 2023: Nicolas Chaumont, Montreal: ‘Characterization of HIV reservoirs’

April 18, 2023: Christine Goffinet, Berlin: Interferon, drugs and viral antagonism: A complex triad in SARS-CoV-2 therapy and HIV-1 cure

April 4, 2023: Florence Margottin-Gouget, Paris: ‘Molecular conflict between HUSH and divergent lentiviral proteins of the Vpr/Vpx family’

March 28, 2023: Simone Reber, Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology: ‘Microtubule dynamics: functional adaptation to temperature’

March 21, 2023: Heinrich Hoffmann, Rockefeller University New York: A tale of betrayal: TMEM41B's role in flavivirus and coronavirus replication

March 14, 2023: CIID Seminar: Alessia Ruggieri & Vibor Laketa

February 28, 2023: Axel Roers, Heidelberg: ‘Immune mis-regulation resulting from aberrant chronic activation of cell-intrinsic anti-viral immunity’

February 21, 2023: Eric Westhof, Strasbourg: The 5'UTR RNA in coronaviruses and initiation of translation’

February 14, 2023: Marina Lusic, Heidelberg: ‘HIV-1 integration and latency in microglia, brain reservoir cells’

February 7, 2023: Nicolai Siegel, LMU Munich: ‘The benefit of being different: understanding cell-to-cell heterogeneity in pathogens’

January 31, 2023: Ulrike Lange, Hamburg: Crosstalk between proviral and human DNA in chronic HIV-1 infection

January 17, 2023: Martin Beer, Greifswald: Panzootic highly pathogenic avian influenza - what has changed?

  • January 18: Wolfgang Schamel, Freiburg: Blocking the virus-induced translation shutdown in CoV-infected cells
  • January 25: 2022: Joachim Rocklöv, Institute of Global Health, Heidelberg: Infectious Disease and Climate Change
  • February 15, 2022: Barbara Rehermann, NIH: Immunology of chronic hepatitis B and D: beyond virus specific T cells
  • February 22, 2022: Chase Beisel, HIRI Würzburg: From CRISPR biology to versatile technologies
  • March 15, 2022: Björn Mexer, Magdeburg: Defective viral particles: what we have learned from RNAs and proteins – a work in progress’
  • March 26, 2022: Oliver T. Keppler, LMU Munich: CD32 drives autoantibody-enhanced trogocytosis to facilitate HIV-1 infection of resting CD4 T cells
  • May 17, 2022: Michael Diamond, St. Louis: ‘Innate and adaptive immune protection against emerging SARS-CoV-2 variants’
  • June 7, 2022: Tal Amon, Oxford: ‘Spatiotemporal regulation of adaptive immune responses’
  • June 21,2022: Justin Bailey, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore: ‘Convergent evolution of human bNAb lineages associated with control of HCV infection’
  • September 20: Lars-Anders Carlsson, Umea. ‘In situ structural studies of the different replication strategies used by enteroviruses and alphaviruses’
  • October 18: Pietro Scaturro, Hamburg: Orthogonal proteomics to unlock (Re-)Emerging viruses
  • October 25: Jonathan Carn, Cleveland:Control of HIV latency and reactivation in T-cells and microglia cells: Two sides of the same coin
  • November 15: Georg Wolff, EMBL Heidelberg: Cellular cryo-tomography of nidovirus replication organelles
  • November 29: Stephen Goff, Columbia University New York: Silencing of Retroviral DNA Expression Before and After Integration.
  • 26.01.2021
    Mamuka Kvaratskhelia, University of Colorado, Denver
    "HIV-1 capsid: why flexibility is important"
  • 02.02.2021
    Jude Przyborski, Gießen
    "What a knob: Co-chaperone involvement in host cell modification by malaria parasites"
  • 23.02.2021
    Brinda Emu, Yale University, New Haven
    "HIV and cancer"
  • 23.03.2021
    Frauke Mücksch, Rockefeller University, New York
    "Human antibody responses against Sars-CoV-2"
  • 30.03.2021
    Florian Krammer, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York
    "Antibody responses to Sars-CoV-2 infection and vaccination"
  • 01.04.2021
    John Schoggins,
    "Host-based antiviral mechanisms targeting coronaviruses and flaviviruses"
  • 20.04.2021
    Volker Thiel, Bern
    "Sars-CoV-2: from genome to function"
  • 27.04.2021
    Xu Tan, Bejing
    "Proteomics and functional genomics of virus-host interaction"
  • 06.-07.05.2021:
  • International symposium of SFB1129
  • 18.05.2021
    Paul Ahlquist, Madison
    "Mechanistic insights from structure-function studies of positive-strand RNA virus replication complexes"
  • 27.05.2021
    Erwin Fodor, Oxford
    "The multifunctional RNA polymerase of influenza virus"
  • 15.06.2021
    Jean-Laurent Casanova, New York
    "Genetic and immunological causes of life-threatening COVID-19"
  • 28.06.2021
    Morgan Huse, New York
    "Mechanoregulation of lymphocyte cytotoxicity"
  • 29.06.2021
    David Jacques, Sydney                                                                                                                                "Navigating the Nups: how HIV mediates its own nuclear entry"  
  • September 21, 2021                                                                                                                                      Konstantin Sparrer, Ulm: "Sars-CoV-2 versus innate immunity
  • September 28, 2021                                                                                                                                            Seema Lakdawala, Pittsburgh: "Visualizing Influenza virus assembly"
  • October 19, 2021                                                                                                                                                   Akiko Iwasaki, Yale University: "Immune reactions to Sars-CoV-2"
  • October 26, 2021                                                                                                                                                   Peter Mullen, USC: "Metabolic sensing in viral infections"
  • November 30, 2021                                                                                                                                                   Stefanie Karst, University of Florida: "Host and microbial regulation of Norovirus pathogenesis"


  • 15.12.2020
    Thomas Decker, Wien
    "A new look at interferon signalling"
  • 01.12.2020
    Matthias Garten, Bethesda
    "Transport at the Malaria-red blood cell interface"
  • 29.09.2020
    Stephanie Pfänder, Bochum
    "Coronavirus immune control and stability"
  • 25.02.2020
    Jason Mercer, Birmingham UK
    "28h later: Pox viruses manipulate cell motility to promote viral spread"
  • 18.02.2020
    Thomas Pietschmann, Hannover
    "Heterogeneity and plasticity: keys for HCV vaccine research"
  • 29.01.2020
    Maria Joao Amorin, Oeiras
    "Dialogue between membrane-bound and liquid organelles during Influenza A virus infection"
  • 21.01.2020
    Marco Vignuzzi, Paris
    "Experimental and comutational approaches to predict or alter virus evolution and population dynamics"
  • 10.12.2019 – CIID Seminar
    Viet Loan Dao Thi, Virology Heidelberg
    "Hepatitis E Virus: enveloped or non-enveloped, which is more appealing?"
  • 10.12.2019
    Daniel Sauter, Ulm
    "Inhibition of viral glycoprotein processing by guanylate binding proteins 2 and 5"
  • 26.11.2019
    Musa Mhlanga, Cape Town
    "The epigenetics of innate immune memory"
  • 19.11.2019 – CIID Seminar
    Barbara Müller, Virology Heidelberg
    "The Ins and Outs of HIV-1"
  • 13.09.2019
    Jan Carette, Stanford
    "Genetic dissection of host factors essential for viral pathogens"
  • 28.05.2019
    Anette Oxenius, ETH Zürich
    "Regulation of adaptive immunity in face of chronic viral infection"
  • 23.04 2019
    Lars Dölken, Würzburg
    "scSLAM-seq and GRAND-SLAM reveal core features of the intrinsic immune response in single virus infected cells"
  • 02.04.2019
    Nathalie Grandvaux, Montreal
    "Role of redox metabolism in the regulation of the antiviral response"
  • 26.03.2019
    Peter Cherepanov, London
    "No loose ends, or how retroviruses integrate"
  • 26.02.2019
    Matthias Fischer, Max Planck Institute for Medical Research Heidelberg
    "Genomic approaches for unraveling host-virophage coevolution in protozoa"
  • 19.02.2019
    Thomas Hönen, Greifswald
    "Studying the molecular biology of filoviruses with reverse genetics"
  • 29.01.2019
    Jeroen Kortekaas, Wageningen
    "Rift Valley Fever"
  • 18.09.2018
    Hisashi Akiyama, Boston
    "Innate immune activation in HIV infection"
  • 03.07.2018
    John Doorbar, Cambridge
  • 29.05.2018
    Vincent Parissi, Bordeaux
  • 24.04.2018
    Harald Wodrich, Bordeaux
    "In vivo labeling of adenovirus DNA identifies Chromatin anchoring and biphasic Genome replication"
  • 26.03.2018
    Jan Münch, Ulm
    "Exploiting the human peptidome for novel antiviral and anticancer agents"
  • 13.03.2018
    Bryan Cullen, Duke University
    "Viral epitranscriptomics"
  • 06.02.2018
    Florian Greten
    "Inflammatory signalling in early and late stages of tumorigenesis"
  • 30.01.2018
    Kashif Sadiq, Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies
    "Modelling Protease-triggered activation of HIV-1"
  • 07.11.2017
    Denise Galloway
    "Preventive and therapeutic approaches for DNA Tumor viruses"
  • 17.10.2017
    Peter Sarnow
    "Role of miRNA122 and circular RNA in the HCV life cycle"
  • 10.10.2017
    Dahai Luo
    "Biogenesis and detection of flaviviral RNA"
  • 09.10.2017
    Eric O. Freed, Frederick
    "HIV-1 assembly and maturation"
  • 19.09.2017
    Eelco van Anken
    "ER stress and homeostasis"
  • 05.09.2017
    Nicolas Locker
    "Unraveling the multifacted regulation of mRNA life by norovirus"
  • 18.07.2017
    Stefan Wieland
  • 20.06.2017
    Alexander Ploss
    "New insights into the biology of HEV and HDV host tropism"
  • 25.04.2017
    Andrew Griffiths, Paris
    "High-throughput single cell Analysis"
  • 20.04.2017
    Roberto Cattaneo
    "Insights into measles virus biology"
  • 18.04.2017
    Adolfo Garcia-Sastre, New York
    "Influenza virus host interactions"
  • 11.04.2017
    Melanie Ott, San Francisco
    "Epigenetic control of HIV latency"
  • 14.03.2017
    Antonio Bertoletti
    "Engineering T-cells for the therapy of chronic HBV infection"
  • 28.02.2017
    Yves Gaudin, Gif-sur-Yvette
    "Rabies virus replication factories are membrane-less organelles"
  • 12.12.2016
    Peter Nagy, Lexington
    "Assembly of tombovirus replicase"
  • 06.12.2016
    Luka Cicin-Sain, Braunschweig
    "Strategies for optimizing anti-tumoral CMV based vectors".
  • 02.12.2016
    Petr Chlanda, Bethesda
    "Influenza Virus hemagglutinin: to fuse or to break trying"
  • 08.11.2016
    Alexander Hoffmann, Los Angeles
    "Dynamics and noise of NFkappaB signalling"
  • 25.10.2016
    Melanie Brinkmann, Braunschweig
    "Evasion of type I IFN Response by CMV"
  • 18.10.2016
    Terry Dermody, Pittsburgh
    "A neural targeting receptor for reovirus"
  • 11.10.2016
    Hal Drakesmith, Oxford
    "The role of iron and hepcidin in global health and antiviral immunity"
  • 04.10.2016
    Michael Weekes, Cambridge
    "Insights into CMV immune evasion from quantitative multiplexed proteomics"
  • 27.09.2016
    Gunnar Schotta, Munich
    "Chromatin based restriction of endogenous retroviruses"
  • 15.09.2016
    Wesley Sundquist, Salt Lake City
    "Mechanistic studies of the ESCRT pathway"
  • 06.09.2016
    Adam Grundhoff, Hamburg
  • 29.07.2016
    Tim Lämmermann, Freiburg
    "Innate immune cell Dynamics at sites of inflammation and infection"
  • 12.07.2016
    John Ziehbuhr
    "Nidovirales: special enzymes for very special viruses"
  • 05.07.2016
    Julie Pfeiffer
    "How gut microbes enhance virus infectivity"
  • 29.06.2016
    Charles M. Rice
    "HCV and beyond"
  • 21.06.2016
    Christian Drosten, Bonn
    "Coronavirus evolution"
  • 31.05.2016
    Hendrik Streeck, Essen
    "T follicular helper cells in chronic HIV-1 infection"
  • 19.04.2016
    Martin Schwemmle
    "Reverse genetics of bat influenza viruses"
  • 22.03.2016
    Musa Mhlanga, Pretoria
    "A tale of two lncRNAs in infection and immunity"
  • 15.03.2016
    Ian Goodfellow, Cambridge
    "Control of innate immune response in  Norovirus infection"
  • 24.02.2016
    Eric O. Freed, Frederick
    "HIV-1 assembly and maturation"
  • 26.01.2016
    Torsten Schaller, Heidelberg
    "TypeI IFN induced post-entry blocks to HIV-1"
  • 15.12.2015
    Stephan Becker, Marburg
    "Replication and Assembly of filoviruses"
  • 17.11.2015
    Jens Bukh
    "Adaptation and neutralization studies of HCV"
  • 27.10.2015
    Walther Mothes, Yale University
    "Visualizing individual steps in the retroviral life cycle in living animals and at the single molecule Level"
  • 29.9.2015
    Massimo Pizzato, Trento
    "SERINC5, a transmembrane Inhibitor ofg retroviral replication"
  • 26.05.2015
    Anna Cereseto, Trento
    "3D analysis of retrovirus nuclear interactions"
  • 12.05.2015
    Friedemann Weber
    "Induction and Suppression of IFN Response by RNA viruses"
  • 14.04.2015
    Misha Kozlov, Tel Aviv
    "A model for ER morphologies"
  • 07.04.2015
    Robert Garcea, Boulder
    "Virus assembly factories in polyoma virus infected cells"
  • 27.01.2015
    Greg Towers, London
    "HIV versus intracellular innate immunity"
  • 13.01.2015
    Alexander Khromykh, Brisbane
    "Viral factors determining the outcome of West Nile Virus infection"
  • 16.12.2014
    Christiane Wobus, Ann Arbor
    "What murine norovirus teaches us about norovirus biology"
  • 25.10.2014
    Stuart Neil, London
    "The Ys and wherefores of tetherin's action and HIV-1 counteraction"
  • 07.10.2014
    Gerald Hammond
    "The complex role of inositol lipids in cell biology"
  • 30.09.2014
    Kay Grünewald, Oxford
  • 23.09.2014
    Andrew Mouland
    "HIV-1 induced disassembly of stress granules"
  • 22.07.2014
    Baek Kim, Atlanta
    "Restricting HIV-1 reverse transcription kinetics by SAMHD1"
  • 15.07.2014
    Mario Schelhaas
    "Human papillomavirus entry into host cells"
  • 29.04.2014
    Leo James, Cambridge
  • 25.03.2014
    Marina Lusic, Trieste
    "Regulation of HIV-1 integration site selection through chromatin structure"
  • 14.01.2014
    Paul Walther, Ulm
    "3D imaging of high-pressure frozen cells with SEM"
  • 19.11.2013
    Stanley Lemon
    "Membrane hijacking and the pathogenesis of Hepatitis A"
  • 12.11.2013
    Ulf Dittmer, Essen
    "The role of Tregs in retroviral infections"
  • 15.10.2013
    Michael Diamond
    "Immune evasion and host control of alphavirus and flavivirus infection"
  • 16.07.2013
    Ali Amara, Paris
    "Dengue viruses expolit TIM and TAM for virus entry"
  • 02.07.2013
    Itay Rousso, Beer Sheva
    "Physical properties of retroviruses"
  • 11.06.2013
    Thomas Peters, Lübeck
    "Insights into virus infections from NMR"
  • 28.05.2013
    Matthias Hornef, Hannover
    "The intestinal epithelium in host-microbial interaction"
  • 30.04.2013
    Renate König, Langen
    "Restriction of HIV-1 replication in myeloid cells"
  • 16.04.2013
    Ari Helenius, Zürich
    "Five pathways of virus entry"
  • 11.12.2012
    Bryan Cullen, Duke University
    "Viruses and miRNAs"
  • 04.12.2012
    John Schoggins, Dallas
    "Antiviral IFN effectors"
  • 20.11.2012
    Javier Martinez-Picado, Barcelona
    "Rapid HIV-1 disease progression"
  • 13.11.2012
    Roberto Cattaneo, Mayo Clinic
    "New receptors for old viruses"
  • 06.11.2012
    Jan Rehwinkel
    "How RIG-I and SAMHD1 protect against viruses"
  • 30.10.2012
    Roberto Speck, Zürich
    "Humanized Mice for studying HIV"
  • 23.10.2012
    Chae-Ok Jun
    "Smart nanoconjugate platforms for administration of adenoviruses"
  • 17.07.2012
    Eva Harris, Berkeley
    "Natural and therapeutic antibodies and B-cell response against Dengue virus"
  • 26.06.2012
    Steeve Boulant, Virology Heidelberg
    "From virus entry to innate immune sensing"
  • 17.04.2012
    Andrew Bowie
    "Activation and evasion of host pattern recognition receptor signalling by viruses"
  • 10.04.2012
    Michael Hoelscher, Munich
    "From bedside to bench: how clinical studies can inspire basic research"
  • 28.02.2012
    Nicolas Manel, Paris
    "Innate sensing of HIV by dendritic cells"
  • 21.02.2012
    Raffaele DiFrancesco, Milan
    "Interaction of HCV with host cell lipids"
  • 31.01.2012
    Andrew Lever, Cambridge
    "HIV RNA packaging and assembly"
  • 17.01.2012
    Richard Kuhn, West Lafayette
    "Assembly and replication of Dengue virus"
  • 13.12.2011
    Amalio Telenti, Lausanne
    "HIV restriction factors"
  • 18.10.2011
    Brett Lindenbach, New Haven
    "Genetics, biochemistry and imaging of HCV assembly"
  • 27.09.2011
    Matthias Fischer, Heidelberg
    "The puzzling evolution of giant DNA viruses"
  • 21.06.2011
    Hansjörg Hauser, Braunschweig
    "Dynamics of IFN signalling"
  • 03.05.2011
    Michael Kozlov, Tel Aviv
    "Modeling membrane shaping by proteins"
  • 19.04.2011
    Richard Vile, Rochester
    "Oncolytic virotherapy and tumor immunology"
  • 12.04.2011
    Robert Thimme, Freiburg
    "Adaptive immune responses to HIV infections"
  • 29.03.2011
    Marc Sitbon, Marseille
    "Retroviral receptors and nutrient transporters"
  • 15.03.2011
    Andrew Davidson, Bristol
    "Dengue virus pathogenesis"
  • 01.03.2011
    Philip Stevenson, Cambridge
    "Tracking herpesvirus entry"
  • 26.02.2011
    Adam Grundhoff, Hamburg
    "Epigenetic determinants of KSHV latency"
  • 15.02.2011
    Pablo Gastaminza, Madrid
    "HCV infection in tissue culture"
  • 01.02.2011
    Thomas Baumert, Strasbourg
    "HCV and hepatocellular carcinoma"
  • 26.01.2011
    Zeger Debyser, Leuven
    "Cellular cofactors of HIV integrase"
  • 16.12.2010
    Stefan Taube, Ann Arbor
    "The role of glycans in Norovirus entry"
  • 14.12.2010
    Eliane Meurs
    "HCV and the control of IFN induction"
  • 30.11.2010
    Veit Hornung, Bonn
    "Inflammasomes: IL-1 mediated inflammation and beyond"
  • 16.11.2010
    Mark Harris, Leeds
    "Dysregulation of cellular metabolic pathways by HCV"
  • 03.11.2010
    George Banting, Bristol
    "Links between tetherin, the actin cytoskeleton and lipd rafts (with a mention of Vpu)"
  • 26.10.2010
    Alessandro Marcello, Trieste
    "Virus replication dynamics: Insights from HIV and flaviviruses"
  • 21.09.2010
    Volker Thiel
    "Coronaviruses – more than SARS"
  • 20.09.2010
    Eckhardt Wimmer, Stony Brook
  • 20.07.2010
    Jane McKeating, Birmingham
    "The complexities of HCV entry"
  • 13.07.2010
    Christian Eggeling, Göttingen
    "Nanoscale membrane dynamics revealed by far-field STED fluorescence microscopy"
  • 29.06.2010
    Cristina Risco, Madrid
    "Studying virus factories and cell architecture with new high resolution imaging techniques"
  • 15.06.2010
    Klemens Rottner, Braunschweig
    "Dissection of cortactin function in cell motility and host-pathogen interaction"
  • 29.03.2010
    Felix Rey, Paris
    "Structural organisation of the Chikungunya virus surface glycoprotein shell: allosteric activation for entry upon interactions with receptor"
  • 16.03.2010
    Otto Haller, Freiburg
    "Innate immunity to influenza viruses"
  • 26.01.2010
    Beate Sodeik, Hannover
    "Herpes simplex virus: a hitch hiker's guide trough the cell"
  • 19.01.2010
    Detlev Krüger, Berlin
    "Evolution and molecular virology of Dobravavirus"
  • 12.01.2010
    Andreas Pichelmair, Vienna
    "Exploiting viral know how to study antiviral immunity"
  • 15.12.2009
    Jolanda Smit, Groningen
    "Early events in flavivirus replication"
  • 24.11.2009
    David Teis, Innsbruck
    "The regulated assembly of ESCRT-III machinery controls MVB vesicle formation"
  • 03.11.2009
    Michaela Gack, Southborough
    "RIG-I- and TRIM25-mediated antiviral innate immunity and viral evasion of Influenza virus"
  • 27.10.2009
    Fabian Leendertz, Berlin
    "Zoonotic Potential of Pathogens from Tropical Rainforests"
  • 06.10.2009
    Peter Tattersall, New Haven
    "Role of capsid structure and dynamics in the parvovirus life cycle"
  • 08.09.2009
    Bryan Cullen, Durham
    "Viruses and miRNAs"
  • 30.06.2009
    Christof von Kalle, Heidelberg
    "Genetic modification of blood forming stem cells with viral and synthetic vectors"
  • 26.05.2009
    Clare Jolly, London
    "HIV-1 cell transmission"
  • 19.05.2009
    Peter Aichele
    "Direct impact of type I interferons and IL-12 on CD8 cells in the context of viral and bacterial infections"
  • 21.04.2009
    Luis Enjuanes, Madrid
    "Gene expression and protection in coronaviruses"
  • 07.04.2009
    Charles Bangham, London
    "How does HTLV-1 persist in vivo?"
  • 31.03.2009
    Markus Thali, Burlington
    "Tetraspanin functions in HIV replication"
  • 24.02.2009
    Teunis Geijtenbek, Amsterdam
    "Dendritic subsets in HIV infection"
  • 17.02.2009
    Glen Randall, Chicago
    "Illuminating HCV replication"
  • 27.01.2009
    Ludger Johannes, Paris
  • 20.01.2009
    Greg Towers, London
    "Catch me if you can – innate restriction of viral infection"
  • 16.12.2008
    Bruno Carnard, Marseille
    "Structural and functional studies of flavivirus replicases and their use for drug design"
  • 18.11.2008
    Volker Haucke, Berlin
    "Regulation of adapter-mediated endosomal membrane dynamics"
  • 28.10.2008
    Thomas Lengauer, Saarbrücken
    "Chasing the virus: computer help for treating AIDS patients"
  • 21.10.2008
    Camille Sureau, Paris
    "Viral entry determinants of the HBV envelope proteins"
  • 02.10.2008
    Mike Summers, Baltimore
    "NMR studies of retroviral genome packaging and assembly"
  • 24.07.2008
    Beatrice Hahn, University of Alabama
    "Tracing AIDS to its zoonotic routes"
  • 08.07.2008
    Heinrich Leonhardt, Munich
    "Visualization and Manipulation of the Invisible with Tools from the Desert and a bad Illumination"
  • 17.06.2008
    Andrew Bowie, Dublin
    "Learning from viruses about host immune signalling pathways"
  • 10.06.2008
    Adolfo Garcia-Sastre, New York
    "Induction and inhibition of the type I interferon response by RNA viruses"
  • 27.05.2008
    Frank Buchholz, Dresden
  • 20.05.2008
    Tero Ahola, Helsinki
    "Structure and function of the membraneous replication complex of alphaviruses"
  • 05.05.2008
    Ramon Alemany, Barcelona
  • 29.04.2008
    Santos Manes, Madrid
  • 15.04.2008
    Thilo Stehle, Tübingen
    "How do viruses engage their receptors?"
  • 25.03.2008
    Jürgen Haas, Edinburgh
    "Systems Virology"
  • 26.02.2008
    Kay Grünewald, Munich
    "Approaching cell biology of virus infection by cryo-electron tomography"
  • 19.02.2008
    Georg Kochs, Freiburg
    "Factors leading to high virulence of an exceptional mouse-adapted human influenza A virus"
  • 29.01.2008
    Klaus Überla, Bochum
    "Role of the lentiviral Rev protein in genomic RNA packaging and novel immunization strategies against HIV"
  • 18.12.2007
    Michael Nassal
    "Chaperone-dependent protein-primed reverse transcription by hepatitis B viruses"
  • 11.12.2007
    Mario Schelhaas, Zürich
    "Probing the entry of the small DNA viruses, SV40 and HPV16:From cell surface motion to uncoating"
  • 27.11.2007
    Hartmut Hengel, Düsseldorf
    "Cytomegalovirus evasion from innate and adaptive immune responses"
  • 30.10.2007
    Alexandra Trkola, Zürich
    "HIV immunization – neutralization and beyond"
  • 25.09.2007
    Johnson Mak, Melbourne
    "HIV assembly – from a probe of lipid membrane biology to manipulating the evolution of HIV-1"
  • 25.04.2007
    Jonathan Yewdell, Bethesda
    "Generating MHC classI ligands from DRiPs"
  • 24.04.2007
    Urs Greber, Zürich
    "Time resolved imaging of viral infection processes"
  • 27.03.2007
    Ulrike Protzer, Cologne
    "How cytokines and T-cells control hepatitis B virus"
  • 27.02.2007
    Ben Berkhout, Amsterdam
    "Towards an RNAi gene therapy of HIV-1"
  • 30.01.2007
    Steve Fuller, Oxford
    "Electron microscopy reveals how HIV cheats during assembly and infection"
  • 28.11.2006
    Dirk Lindemann, Dresden
    "Foamy virus egress"
  • 31.10.2006
    Juan Martin-Serrano, London
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