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Metabolic Center Heidelberg – Division of Inborn Errors of Metabolism

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Metabolic Laboratory

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The Center for inherited metabolic diseases focuses on diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders. The clinical symptoms of this group of disorders are highly variable. Life threatening complications in the neonatal period are common: seizures, coma, apnea or multiple organ failures. Chronic symptoms that may point to an IEM may be  impairement of mental and physical development, bone marrow depression or persistent diarrhea.


For the diagnosis of IEM numerous diagnostic techniques are offered in our 2 laboratories. 


  • The Opens internal link in current windownewborn screening laboratory performs about 120 000 analyses on the samples of neonates according to the national German program. It offers extended newborn screening on request for other countries. 
  • The Opens internal link in current windowmetabolic laboratory provides sophisticated tools and equipment  to diagnose numerous disorders that are not included in the German newborn screening disease panel. 


Care for our patients with confirmed diagnoses is provided by a dedicated team of physicians, dieticians, psychologists and social workers on our metabolic ward and in our outpatient clinics.

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Metabolic Center Heidelberg
Metabolic Laboratory
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