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Heisenberg Professorship for Immunocardiology

Immunity in cardiovascular disease

Scientific focus

Inflammatory processes play a central role in the progression of cardiovascular diseases. Monocytes (Ly6C + / ++ in the mouse and CD14 + CD16 +/- in humans) and macrophages, as cellular components of the innate immune system, are centrally involved in cardiac remodeling and correlate with the development of left ventricular (dys-)function after myocardial infarction. In our working group we investigate the activation, source, kinetics andfunction of leukocytes after cardiac injury. The aim is to develop new therapeutic approaches that selectively influence specific aspects of the inflammatory response and thus improve healing in cardiovascular disease.

Scientific methods

We investigate our questions in tissue from mice, zebrafish and in human samples. In terms ofmethods, we apply a wide range of molecular biological and immunological techniques, with a special focus on flow cytometric analyses (FACS) and the inclusion of molecular imaging.