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Clinical Research

Basis for our clinical research is the recently established cardio-oncological service at the University Hospital in Heidelberg, challenges in setting up a cardio-oncological sercvice. Modified from Lehmann et al.

Immune-Checkpoint-Inhibitor (ICI) – associated myocarditis – We are currently investigating predicting factors of ICI – associated myocarditis. We collarborate with the Vanderbilt University (Nashville) and the Hopital Salpetière (Paris) and a group of international partners in order to establish standardized operating procedures for the diagnosis of ICI – associated myocarditis.

Advanced cardiac imaging in Cardio-Oncology – In collaboration with the Department of Nuclear Medicine at the University Hospital of Heidelberg we investigate the opportunities of established and novel tracer for the us of cardiovascular pathologies. Current projects are focused on the activation of cardiac fibroblasts and metabolic imaging by the use of 18F-FDG. Beside nuclear imaging techiques, we investigate the use of early cardiac magnetic resonce imaging (cMRI) to determine individual risk for cardiac side effects of oncological therapies.

Cardiac biomarker in Cardio-Oncology – Based on data from our HEidelberg Cardio-Oncology REgistry (HEartCORE), we investigate the use of cardiac troponin (hs-cTnT) to identify high-risk patients. We are further conducting prospective clinical trials to investigate biomarker-driven surveillance strategies for cancer patients.

Standardized workflows in clinical Cardio-Oncology – Together with our national and international network, we establish standardized operating procedures for surveillance of oncological patients who receive potential cardiotoxic treatments. We further develop strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac side effecsts of oncological diseases. We further work on establishing a german-wide network of cardio-oncology units.

Contact Person: Daniel Finke, Markus Heckmann, Frederic Stein