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Publikationen 2000/2001


Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Karck





Karck M, Tanaka S, Berenshtein E, Sturm C, Haverich A, Chevion M (2001)
The push-and-pull mechanism to scavenge redox-active transition metals: a novel concept in myocardial protection.
J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 2001; 121(6):1169-1178.


Karck M, Tanaka S, Bolling SF, Simon A, Su TP, Oeltgen PR, Haverich A (2001).
Myocardial protection by ischemic preconditioning and delta-opioid receptor activation in the isolated working rat heart.
J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 2001; 122(5):986-992.


Meliss RR, Pethig K, Schmidt A, Heublein B, Harringer W, Karck M, Choritz H, Haverich A (2001)
Cardiac allograft vasculopathy: adventitial immunoreactivity for PDGF-B and PDGFr-beta in extra- versus intramural coronary arteries.
Transplant Proc 2001; 33(1-2):1579-1580.







Cohnert TU, Chavan A, Wahlers T, Oelert F, Karck M, Galanski M, Haverich A (2000)
Simultaneous treatment of thoracic and infrarenal aortic aneurysm using a combination of conventional surgery and endoluminal stent grafting.
Langenbecks Arch Surg 2000; 385(1):27-30.


Teebken OE, Karck M, Harringer W, Haverich A (2000)
[Harvesting the vena saphena magna for aortocoronary bypass operations--is the subcutaneous suture necessary?].
Swiss Surg 2000; 6(2):69-73.