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Perception of Facial Expressions of Emotion in Individuals with Migraine


This study is the first to investigate the perception of emotional facial expressions in people with migraine—a debilitating, episodic neurological disorder affecting more than 10% of the entire adult population of Germany. The proper perception of visual signals of emotion emanating from the face plays a central role in everyday social interactions. Along with aura, the most widely known visual anomaly of migraine, some other visual disturbances (e.g., deficits in motion perception and visual contrast perception) are likely to appear during and between migraine attacks, which individuals with migraine may be unaware of but influenced by nonetheless. Using both electrophysiological and behavioral methods, this study will study visual dysfunctions in migraine patients related to their perception of facial expressions of emotion.

Keywords: migraine; facial emotion recognition; EEG; emotional sensitivity; cognitive impairment.